Small Home Theatre that Packs a Surprising Punch!

How do you gain 16 sq feet of extra room space without knocking down any walls or building on an addition …. the answers simple! …. Mount your plasma TV on the Wall and recess your equipment into the wall.

Every Home Theatre project doesn’t need to be a $20,000 dedicated room.  When home owners Cam and Rebecca needed more space in their narrow basement, Cam wanted a Home Theatre and Rebecca wanted the clutter from the TV, X-Box and components cleaned up.  The utility room was located right behind the current TV location in the basement (see open door on left in picture),  with a little reorganizing of the utility room enough space could be made to house the equipment cabinet built into the wall and the flat screen TV mounted on the wall.

The first step was to hire DJ’s Sound City for the job.  Doyle came in did a site survey, measured the existing components and then designed and prefabricated the equipment rack back at the shop.

In addition to the existing equipment a new surround sound system needed to be installed.  Due to the size of the room and space requirements a Samsung HTC6530 All in One Home Theatre System was perfect for the job.  The receiver included a built in Blu-Ray DVD Player, an iPod Docking cradle and a complete 5.1 speaker system including wireless surround sound speakers.

With the rack prefabbed in the shop and the equipment ready to go the whole installation would be completed in one day.  The first step was to cut out the hole for the recessed equipment rack.  The best job for this is a rotozip drywall saw which does a neat and very quick job.  Next was to install the equipment rack into the wall, level it and then anchor it to the wall and floor.

The components in this system included the Samsung All in One Theatre System with iPod Dock, an iPod, X-Box, and a second Yamaha Amplifier which the home owner had previously to drive the upstairs, kitchen, family room and patio speakers.  The television is a LG 50” Plasma.

The Samsung 5.1 system features a powered subwoofer and unique Wireless Rear Channel Surround Sound Speaker module which wirelessly transmits the surround sound to the rear channel wireless speakers.  Once all the speakers and components were installed and the room was equalized it was Show Time!

Cam and Rebecca were truly impressed by the clean look of the Wall mounted TV and recessed equipment component rack.  Wall mounting the TV and components visually made the room look cleaner and as previously mentioned gave the home owners 16 sq ft more of much needed space.  The Samsung 5.1 audio system small, compact and easy to use but the best feature was the surround sound generated by such a modest system.  It’s hard to believe the quality of sound generated by some of these All in One (Home Theatre in a Box) sound systems and the Samsung 5.1 system sounded GREAT!

Samsung definitely did their homework when designing there All in One Theatre systems.  For small to medium sized rooms, multipurpose rooms or even a bedroom the Samsung system really packs a punch.  The built in DVD player and iPhone compatible iPod docking cradle, complete with on-screen display make this Samsung 5.1 All in One system hard to beat when size constraints or budget don’t allow for separate components and equipment.

The Home Theatre was just the start, once DJ’s Sound City completed their work, Cam and Rebecca remodeled, including new paint, baseboards, carpet and furniture.  We don’t have pictures of the Final End Result but we hear it’s fantastic!

No Home Theatre system is Too Big or Small for DJ’s Sound City.  If you would like a Free Consultation on your Audio, Video or Security Needs just email or give us a call.

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