It’s A Flying TV!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane …. it’s a Flying TV!

How do you wall mount a 52” Samsung LCD TV and KEF Surround Sound Speakers on a Real Rock Ledgerstone Wall ?   FLY IT!

When DJ’s Sound City was contracted as part of a renovation to a wall mount an LCD Flat panel TV on a Real Rock fireplace feature wall the challenge began.

The mounting surface posed several problems which prohibited conventional mounting methods using screws, plugs, expansion bolts or adhesives.  The irregular surface of the wall was the first obstacle.  Secondly the Real Stack Stone would break, chip or flake if drilled and would fall apart with a concrete anchor, expansion plug or bolt were used.

In addition to the mounting issues with the rock surface the another problem was how to hide the power, speaker and TV wiring on the rock?

After the site survey Doyle came up with a plan “Why Not Fly the TV!”

Flying the TV would require DJ’s Sound City to custom fabricate a ceiling mounting plate which would be installed during the drywall phase of the renovation and then a “C” Channel down pipe would be used to lower the TV to the proper mounting position.  The “C” Channel tubing would serve a dual purpose by providing a Flat mounting surface for the TV bracket to mount on to as well as a wiring duct for the power, TV and speaker cables.  Once concealed inside the “C” Channel the wiring would be invisible from both the front and sides.

The next challenge was how to mount the left, right and center channel speakers without once again drilling into the rock.  Speaker support wings were fabricated and attached to the sides of the TV bracket which provided the necessary support for the speakers and would allow the speakers float along side the TV with the wiring concealed neatly behind.

Once the final installation was complete the end result was remarkable.  The TV and speakers literally look like they are “Floating or Hovering” over the fireplace mantel.

The “C” Channel down pipe blended in perfectly with the charcoal rock wall and the Gloss Black TV and Speaker finish added a extra 3D depth to the look contrasted by the mat charcoal rock.

The pictures don’t truly show the 3D depth perspective of this innovative TV installation, the  KEF Speakers combined with the Samsung TV and unique wall mount Designed by DJ’s Sound City give this TV installation a futuristic, modern, one of a kind look that literally seems to “FLOAT” on the wall.

If you have a TV mounting challenge and would like a Free Estimate on our innovative design solutions, email or give us a call.

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