Digital Signage That Works!

Mayfield Toyota of Edmonton recently renovated their dealership and installed a state of the art Digital Signage System.  DJ’s Sound City was contracted to mount a New HDTV in their service waiting area adjacent to their Digital Signage Monitor to entertain the waiting customers and increase the Impact of the Digital Signage.  Read this article and find out how adding a TV next to your digital signage display can increase the effectiveness of your digital signage program.

Digital signage is a brand new advertising medium which is slowing making it’s way into every sector of the retail, business, service and hospitality sector with varying degrees of success.

Traditional forms of advertising are rapidly losing their appeal with the advent of Personal Video Recorders,  consumers are often skipping the commercials on the Television,  Digital Media and Internet ads are low cost forms of advertising but also have very low conversion to buy rates.  Savvy marketers know that 75% of purchases decisions are made at the point of purchase which is why digital signage is quickly becoming one of the most powerful, cost effective, marketing tools available today.

Digital signage is best utilized in areas where the customer or consumer is “Waiting for Service” or “Looking for Information”  Retail stores, Service Counters, Elevators, Subways, Food Courts, Restaurants, Bars, Lounges and waiting rooms of all types (Dr’s, Dentists, Lawyers, Hair Salons, Banks, Automotive Service Centers), are some of the most effective places for digital signage.  These places and businesses are areas where people often are waiting short to long periods of time in a set location and space.

As advertising and media has evolved, so too has the consumers receptivity to marketing.   In today’s world the typical consumer is No Longer content to be bombarded with a litany of static, repetitive, boring messages which play over and over again and again.  Today’s consumer is focused on what’s relevant to them and quickly tunes out, discards and ignores messages which are not relevant to their interests or buying experience.

One way to look at digital signage is to think of it like background music for your eyes.  We often listen to background music not even knowing what song is playing, however when a song comes on that we like or recognize we then focus on the music and may even sing along.  Digital signage works the same way only with a much lower threshold to boredom than music.  We often will listen to songs over and over again but get bored when we watch the same movie or TV show over and over except for the “Key Scenes” where we may even remember the dialogue and action.

So how do we make the digital signage experience interesting, engaging and entertaining for the customer?  Well the first answer is to keep it Fresh, every changing, dynamic, relevant and focused.  While that sounds great, unless you have an IT and Production department the likes of a small TV station the odds of refreshing and changing the digital signage content every day for most business is simply not feasible both from a production and budget stand point.

So what’s the most cost effective way to increase the “Impact” of your digital signage – the solution is Simple!  Just place a regular HDTV in close proximity to your Digital Signage Display.  On the regular HDTV you will select programming relevant to your customers.  Retailers would focus on their products, ie Sporting goods stores would show Sports Channels and Games,  Clothing stores may feature the Fashion Channel, Home improvement stores the Home and Garden Channel, Golf Speciality Stores the Golf Channel … you get the idea.  Other popular channels are Cable News Networks, Local News Networks and the Weather Channel.  By placing a regular TV next to your digital signage monitor the “Impact” of your Digital signage will increase by 10%-40% and here’s why…

Remember our example of background music playing and when a song comes on you like or know it instantly grabs your attention and goes to the forefront of your mind.  The same thing is true with Digital Signage and a regular TV placed adjacent to the digital signage monitor.  As long as the monitors are in close proximity to each other, (for the greatest effect, we recommend side by side) as you’re watching the regular HDTV when a message comes on the digital signage monitor that your interested in, your attention will shift from the regular TV program and onto the Digital Signage monitor.  When the digital signage monitor begins displaying information you are not interested in or is repeating previously viewed information you will shift back to the regular TV monitor.  The import point of this strategy is that most of the time your customer will be looking at one of the two monitors and will see your message, even if it’s in their peripheral vision 100% of the time.

Without a second monitor customers often become bored with digital signage within minutes or as soon as the segment repeats, they then tune out (just like background music) and pick up a magazine or their cell phone and start reading or texting or something but one thing they’re Not doing is Watching your Digital Signage Monitor!

Digital Signage can have dramatic effects on your sales and overall customer experience if done right.  At DJ’s Sound City we install Digital Signage Monitors and Networks as well as HDTV TV’s and cable and satellite systems.  If you would like to know more about increasing the effectiveness of your digital signage system or are interested in installing Digital Signage Monitors, Networks, Systems or HDTV Flat Panel TV’s, cable or satellite systems just give us a call or drop us an email we’d be happy to speak with you.

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