Bose SoundDock Portable Review

In a world filled with iPod docking stations the Bose SoundDock Portable Music System is hands down the BEST iPod/iPhone docking station I’ve ever heard.

The Bose Sound Dock is a small, compact. battery and AC powered docking station with BIG Sound thanks to Bose proprietary waveguide speaker technology and powerful neodymium speakers.

The dock can be powered by 110V AC current or up to eight hours by removable rechargeable lithium-ion battery.  I recently used the Bose SoundDock to provide music for an outdoor party at the lake cottage this summer, with 40+ guests in attendance, the Bose Sound Dock kept the music pumping at a very high volume levels for over 8 hours before the volume level slowly began to subside as the battery began to lose power.

The shear volume levels this compact SoundDock can produce is Amazing!  The sound is relatively balanced and clear while lacking earth shaking thumping bass.  There are no bass and treble or EQ controls on the dock, just volume up and down located on the right hand side of the unit and on the remote control.  in addition to volume the supplied remote allows you some basic controls over your iPod or iPhone however it’s limited and navigation is best performed directly on the iPod touchscreen itself.

Unlike some other docks I’ve tested, I’m happy to report that the Bose SoundDock charges most versions of the iPod and All versions of the iPhone. I tested the SoundDock with all versions of the iPhone including the iPhone 4 and several versions of iPod and iPod touches with playback and charging Fully supported on ALL units!

The SoundDock includes a built in carrying handle and rotating iPod dock which pops out for use and disappears for storage and protection during transit.

While the Bose SoundDock is predominantly an iPod/iPhone docking station, Bose engineers included a 3.5mm input jack to allow you to connect other devices like iPads, Android Phones and other MP3 Players or computers. 

Bose makes a custom fitted, padded bag which I highly recommend to help protect the dock when transporting and carry the power adapter and accessories.

The Bose SoundDock is the Ultimate Docking Station for iPods and iPhones.  The clarity of sound and volume produced by this compact, stylish dock is unsurpassed while the 8 hour rechargeable lithium ion battery allows you to enjoy your music almost anywhere.  The Bose SoundDock system offers a combination of performance and playtime that other portable systems can’t match.

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