Toshiba BDX K100KC Blu-ray DVD Player Review

The Toshiba BDX K100KC is a Special Edition Costco Blu-ray play which is essentially the same as the Toshiba BDX-1100 Blu-ray player which was previously reviewed last month and sold at most retailers.   We cannot see any difference between the two model numbers.

For those who missed our review of the BDX-1100 Player here it is again only with the Costco Special Edition model number BDXK100KC.

The Toshiba BDXK100KC is a stylish Blu-ray DVD Disc player which does everything you want a basic Blu-ray player to do.  It plays the most popular video formats BD-ROM, DVD, BD-R, BD-RE, DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-R, CD, CD-RW, AVCHD and CD-DA.  It automatically Up Converts non 1080P formats to 1080P with good clarity.   It provides support for MP3 audio playback in two channel stereo and has built in surround sound decoders for Dolby Digital, Dolby True HD and Dolby Digital plus, DTS and DTS HD.

In addition to all the “Basics” the BDXK100KC has a built in SD Card Reader/Writer/Viewer which will allow you to view AVCHD, digital camera movie files and Jpeg digital camera picture files easily on your TV making your TV an entertainment HUB for not only DVD’s and Blu-rays but pictures and Home-made movies too.

The Toshiba BDXK100KC does not support 3D (three dimension video decoding) or WMA (Windows Media Audio Files),  and while it does have an ethernet jack for extra content found on BD-Live Discs, it does not support  video streaming services such as NetFlix, Wi-Fi or Wireless Streaming.

Lastly the processor in the Toshiba BDXK100KC is slower than that found on higher models.  Blu-ray DVD’s with lots of java script on them can be slow to initially load.  We found our PS3 and Panasonic BD65 blu-ray player loaded the same blu-ray DVD’s quicker than the Toshiba BDXK100KC.

The Toshiba BDXK100KC is a great entry level blu-ray DVD player with full 1080P support and up conversion, SD memory card slot and HDMI 1.3 output.  If your are a moderate blu-ray user who is looking for a stylish player to watch an occasional blu-ray DVD then the Toshiba BDXK100KC  blu-ray player maybe just the ticket for you.  With the added functionality of an SD Card slot and support for AVCHD files and built in jpeg picture viewer this player has a great feature set found usually on players costing twice as much.

If on the other hand you are a heavy DVD viewer and require support for 3D, WMA, Streaming internet services like NetFlix then the Toshiba BDXK100KC is not the blu-ray player for you and we would recommend either a Panasonic BD65 or Sony PS3.

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