Roots MusicMuffs Review

Looking for an affordable last minute gift for the kids or the guy or girl that has everything …. well I bet they don’t have Earmuff Headphones!

Roots MusicMuffs are Stylish earmuffs with built-in stereo headphones and microphone to keep you warm this winter while you listen to your iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Android or other smart phone or MP3 Player.

Regular ear bud headphones often hurt your ears when covered by a toque or ear muffs, but the Roots MusicMuffs contain great sounding,  integrated Over the Ear headphones with an ingenious built in headphone jack which allows you to use the MusicMuffs as regular earmuffs without a cord dangling down, or just plug in the flexible cloth-covered audio cord and presto you’ve got a warm, comfortable headphones.  Another problem with earbuds in the winter is they get cold which also hurts your ears or when doing activities ear buds often fall out.  Roots MusicMuffs solve both these problems by fitting snuggly while insulating your ears from the cold weather and the elements.

When designing these MusicMuffs, Roots engineers really did their homework,  not only is there a detachable audio cord, but the audio cord is cloth covered instead of plastic PVC so it stays flexible in freezing cold temperatures – SMART!.  Integrated into the audio cord is a volume control, microphone and answer/end button, allowing basic control over your iPhone, smart phone or iPod without every taking it out of your pocket to adjust volume or answer calls.

The Roots MusicMuffs are styled similar to the popular 180’s behind the ear, with the headband resting comfortably behind your head and neck.  The MusicMuffs come in three colors, Black, Red and White. and are universal One Size Fits all.  The adjustable headband is integrated into the earmuffs cloth covering and the MusicMuffs can fold flat to fit easily into your pocket or purse.

Important Note on Sizing: While Roots markets these headphones as One-Size Fits All we must say they do fit on the Smaller Size and while they fit myself comfortably, they may be too small for some adults so the best advice is to try them on in store prior to purchase or purchase them from a retailer with a good return policy.


I must say I was a bit skeptical about the sound quality and comfort of the Roots MusicMuffs prior to testing them out, but prior to writing this review, I put a pair on and headed out to shovel the snow in -16 weather.  The sound quality of the MusicMuffs connected to my iPhone was great and my ears stayed warm and didn’t hurt, best of all shoveling the snow was much more enjoyable when listening to music.

Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Husbands and Wives, if you’re looking for a inexpensive gift for the anyone who has an iPhone, iPod, MP3 Player or Smart Phone the I highly recommend the Roots MusicMuffs!

Suggested List Price $29.99

Available at Sears, London Drugs and Visions

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