Affordable Flat Panel Upgrade for Ft. Saskatchewan Lounge

Affordable flat panel TV upgrade gives this Ft. Saskatchewan Lounge a fresh new look!


Old style CRT Tube TV’s can really date a restaurant or lounge and provide an instant let’s go somewhere else to watch the game reaction from many tech savvy patrons who have grown accustomed to HDTV on 42-50” displays at home an in other establishments.

With the pricing of plasma and LCD TV’s falling substantially over the past year the time to replace those aging and ancient looking CRT TV’s is now more affordable than ever and the durability and performance of today’s Flat Panel TV’s are vastly improved over models only a couple of years old.

When faced with a large renovation in the spring of 2011 this Ft. Saskatchewan Lounge decided it didn’t want to wait that long to upgrade their lounge TV’s and contacted Doyle with DJ’s Sound City for an affordable upgrade plan.





With Hockey season about to begin, it was important to bring a fresh new look to the lounge and at the same time prepare for the upcoming renovation in the spring.


A two step approach was employed to meet the goals and and budget of the client.

Step one was to remove the old, aging 32” CRT tube TV’s and replace them with 42” LG Flat Panel TV’s.  This would give an immediate Bold Fresh Modern Look to the lounge just in time for Hockey Season.  Because additional wiring would be needed for the time being the new TV’s would not be HDTV and would be connected to the existing regular TV wiring.  LG’s 42” Flat Panels were carefully chosen because in our opinion they are the best looking TV’s we’ve seen when viewing on non-HDTV sources and in fact the picture looks so good that many novice viewers think it’s HD!

Step two will commence in the spring and will involve a full HDTV step-up with complete HDTV wiring to all TV’s, the 42” Flat Panel TV’s installed in the lounge will be moved to the restaurant to replace the old 27” CRT tube TV’s there and 50” or larger Flat Panel TV’s will be installed in the lounge.

This two step approach is an affordable and excellent way to transition from old CRT Tube style TV’s to high tech Flat Panel Displays and allowing the restaurant owner to maximize the impact generated by Flat Panel TV’s while minimizing the initial investment and spreading out the cost of converting to full HDTV over a longer period of time.


With more than 50% of homes now having one or more HDTV Flat Panel TV’s 42” or larger and fast food restaurants such as Arby’s, Subway and Macdonalds installing flat panel TV’s in their locations, customers expectations are now higher than ever when it comes to viewing Video Displays!

At DJ’s Sound City we specialize in commercial and residential HDTV installations and distribution.  If you would like more information or a Free Quotation on any TV, Sound System, CCTV Video Camera or Monitored Alarm System call Doyle toll free at 1-888-489-5522 or email

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