Community League Hall – BIG SCREEN

When you think of Big Screen Projection TV’s you think of Sports Bars and Home Theatre Rooms but not community league halls … well think again.

DJ’s Sound City recently installed a gigantic 125” projection TV in a North Edmonton Community League along with stunning results!

The original goal was to install a projection screen for power point presentations, movies and slide shows for weddings and other functions but once community league organizers began talking with Doyle from DJ’s Sound City it was apparent that the Big Screen could be used for many more applications than just power point presentations.

In this increasing digital world the installation had to accommodate All forms of media including HDMI, DVI, VGA, Component Video and Composite Video.  Wiring was installed to allow the maximum use of the projector with ALL Sources of media and the results were fantastic.

The flexibility of the new A/V system allowed the community to hook up computers, DVD players, Digital Cable Boxes, Gaming Consoles, VCR’s and Video Cameras  all to the Epson HDTV projector.  The Elite motorized screen could be lowered when needed and
raised a the flick of a button when not in use.

At a recent party the screen was used for a power point presentation and then a video camera was connected during the dance and guests pictures were projected onto the screen.  A “Kiss Cam” was even used during the night to provide some great entertainment.

The community plans to use the A/V system to  host “Movie Nights” and “Game Nights” as well as Super Bowl, Stanley Cup and Grey Cup Parties!  On the business side the projection TV is excellent for executive meetings and power point presentations.

If you’d like a quotation on the installation of a projection TV system in your home or business Call Doyle at 780-489-5522 or email

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