GE Nighthawk Platinum Headlamp Bulbs Review

If you’re thinking about replacing your car headlamp bulbs with GE Nighthawk Platinum Headlamp bulbs DON’T!  In a word these bulbs are GARBAGE!

GE advertises their Nighthawk Platinum Headlamps bulbs as providing up to 90% more light than standard bulbs and a “Whiter Light” than standard bulbs for better contrast.

While these bulbs DO provide a “Whiter Light” and slightly brighter light than standard OEM bulbs, it’s far from 90% brighter, perhaps 10-20% but that’s about it.  As far as “Whiter Light” providing more contrast that too is negligible.

Whiteness and Brightness aside the real problem with these headlamp bulbs is Longevity or more over Lack There Of.  My first set GE Nighthawk Bulbs lasted only 6 months with both lamps burning out within days of each other.  I took the bulbs back to my local Canadian Tire store where I had purchased them and they happily replaced them under warranty “telling me that’s unusual, you must have gotten a bad set”.  I installed the second set of Nighthawks in my Honda Ridgeline and this time 7 month’s later the first bulb burn out and 6 weeks after that the other bulb burn out.  Once again I took the burnt out headlamp bulbs back to my Canadian Tire retailer who said the warranty had expired and would not replace the bulbs again.

A package of standard factory headlamp bulbs for my Truck retail for $24.99 while the GE Nighthawk Platinum Headlamp bulbs sell for more than twice the price $59.99.  Given that two sets of bulbs lasted me a total of 14 months, the cost of running these headlamp bulbs is $8.58 per month, compared to 69¢ per month for standard headlamp bulbs.  That means the cost to operate the GE Nighthawk Platinum Headlamp Bulbs is 12.4 times more than standard factory OEM headlamp bulbs.  Before you purchase these bulbs,  ask yourself these questions:

1 – Am I prepared to replace my headlamp bulbs every 6-7 months or every 3-4 years?

2 – Am I prepared for the hassle of returning the light bulbs to my retailer every 6 months for warranty replacements during the first year?

3 – Is a  negligible 10-20% increase in brightness worth 12.4 times more money?

Odds are if you’re like me the answers to these questions are NO!

Save yourself some money, time and hassle and Do Not buy GE Nighthawk Platinum Headlamp Bulbs,  as I said at the beginning of this review these bulbs are Garbage!

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4 Responses to GE Nighthawk Platinum Headlamp Bulbs Review

  1. Richard Kavanagh says:

    Thanks for the update and information, just sorry you had to experience that, but thanks for telling us your story. saved me money and headach. Richard.
    So what do you think a good bulb is? im looking at the Philips Vision Plus now???

    • djsedm says:

      You could try the Phillips bulb and let us know your experience, I know people who’ve had the same experience with the Sylvania Silver Star bulbs so I would avoid those also as they have very limited lifespan. If you do go for the Phillips drop us a line after 6 months and let us know if they’re still working.

      Thanks for reading Techtipsandtoys

  2. J Peitsch says:

    My husband has the Silver Star in his truck. They eluminate a sign from 1/2 mile away, but as for something dark on the road (such as wildlife), forget it. They eluminate great off of something reflective, but it is the deer on the road I am worried about, not the sign coming up. Terrible lights. I wanted something better in my car, so I tried the GE NIghthawk Platinum. I thought the lights were great. At about 6 months I didn’t think they were as good as when they were new, then at 9 months one burnt out and I think I will try the PIAA bulbs. The cost of “trying” out headlamps is ridiculously crazy. I just want a great bulb that shines up the road without blinding the approaching traffic. What is someones feedback?

  3. Dan Newlon says:

    I purchased them on in April, 2012, they only lasted 12 months and the low beam on the passengers side burned out. Not only are they not much brighter then what came in the Odyssey, they burn out fast.

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