Rocketfish RF-ABTKB Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac & Windows

This is the Keyboard that should come with every Mac!

There are two problems with the compact keyboard which comes with every Mac computer.

1 – No Numeric Keypad (compact wireless keyboard)

If you own a Mac computer and want a numeric keypad Apple gives you two choices,
buy an Apple Wired Extended keyboard and loose the wireless bluetooth feature or Buy a third party bluetooth numeric keypad and deal with a separate keyboard and keypad and  batteries in booth units not to mention pairing both devices.

2 – Chiclet Keys (flat, square, cheap feeling keys)

Both the Apple compact wireless bluetooth keyboard and wired Extended keyboard are well built and stylish however many users do not like the cheap feel of the new square, flat faced Apple keyboard keys.  Some users say they can type faster on these Apple keyboards but many folks want a more traditional keyboard with old style slightly indented tactile keys and of course a numeric keypad.
The Rocketfish Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac, model RF-ABTKB is the Keyboard that should come with every Mac right out of the box.  The keyboard is solid, well built, light weight yet durable, bluetooth enabled and comes with real tactile keys and YES! a built in numeric keypad.  The keyboard casing is brushed aluminium with white keys and Looks like a Factory Apple product even though it’s not.

I purchased my first Rocketfish bluetooth Keyboard for Mac  more than two years ago and it’s worked great since day one.  Since my initial purchase I have bought four more Rocketfish RF-ABTKB keyboards for my other macs at home and in the office including Mac Mini’s, iMac’s, Mac Books and Mac Book Pros.  The Rocketfish bluetooth Keyboard for Mac paired effortlessly with each Mac by simply running the Mac bluetooth setup assistant.

Once paired the keyboard is quick to wake from power saving sleep mode and works and pairs reliably with the Mac.  The tactile feel of the keys is excellent and the speed of the keystrokes is instantaneous with no lag.  Battery life is 3-6 months depending on usage and range is 15-30’.  The numeric keypad is handy when working with spreadsheets and entering data and there are one button cursor keys, home, help, delete, speaker volume and eject buttons.


  • Bluetooth 2.0 interface, also compliant with Bluetooth 1.0.
  • Ultra-slim design features a patented scissor-key structure for crisp, responsive keystrokes.
  • One-touch access to multimedia functions
  • Auto power save mode for extended battery life

Rocketfish has recently discontinued this keyboard although there are still many in distribution.  I do not know if they are going to be coming out with a new model, although I can’t think of anything they can do to improve on this one, however if you’re interested in getting one of these keyboards you better pick one up before they’re gone for good.

Rocketfish is a house brand of Bestbuy and Future shop and their products are only sold at those retailers.  While this keyboard shows as discontinued on Rocketfish’s website, retailers Best Buy and Future shop still sell it at regular price and have yet to mark it down on clearance.  Occasionally these keyboards also end up selling on ebay at discounted pricing and if you happen to see one there from a reputable seller you might want to pick one up.

Note: I have read some online complaints about bluetooth macs and this keyboard, especially on older macs.  My own personal experience has been 100% positive with four (4) Rocketfish – Bluetooth RF-ABTKB keyboards and four different Mac computers (All intel mac’s – in case that makes a difference).  There are no specific software drivers to download for this keyboard, pairing is accomplished easily on the mac by simply running the bluetooth set-up assistant.  You should always by computer peripherals and devices from a legitimate retailer who has a good return policy to insure that if for some reason the device turns out to be incompatible with your computer you can return the device for credit or exchange.

Other Options: Apple as mentioned makes a bluetooth wireless compact keyboard without a numeric keypad and several third parties make compatible bluetooth numeric keypads.

The only other manufacturer which makes a Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for the Mac with a built in numeric keypad is Macally.  The Macally BTKey Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac is larger than the Rocketfish, boxier, less stylish and All White in color.  The Macally keyboard does perform well also and once the Rocketfish RF-ABTKB keyboards are gone it will be the only option Mac owners will have for a wireless keyboard solution with a built in numeric keypad.

Windows Compatible: With it’s brushed aluminum case and Mac like style it’s clear that the Rocketfish Wireless bluetooth keyboard was designed with the Mac in mind but it also will work with any bluetooth enabled Windows computer as well!

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2 Responses to Rocketfish RF-ABTKB Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac & Windows

  1. Lori Blake says:

    My RF-ABTKB Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac needs to be paired each time my computer is shut down and restarted. I’m running Leopard – ideas-fixes?

    • djsedm says:

      Hi Lori, I’m not exactly sure why you’re having problems with your Rocketfish Bluetooth keyboard, I’m using 4 of these and they’ve all worked flawless since day one.

      With that said let’s see if I can help you.

      First I’m not sure if your running Leopard or Snow Leopard (shouldn’t make a difference),
      With the MAC Shut OFF! and the Keyboard SHUT OFF. Replace the batteries in the bluetooth keyboard then power the keyboard then Mac back up.

      1 – Are you running any other bluetooth devices ie: bluetooth mouse? if so are you having any pairing issues with the other bluetooth devices then the problem is either with your bluetooth radio in your mac or something with the OS. If you’re not having any pairing issues with other devices then your bluetooth radio is fine

      assuming bluetooth radio is fine let’s look elsewhere

      2 – The next thing to do would be to ZAP the PRAM, that sometimes helps. if you don’t know how to Zap the P Ram here’s the apple link:

      assuming you zapped the P-Ram and still didn’t solve the problem the next step would be:

      3 – Run DISK UTILITY and either “Repair Disk” if that option is not available then “Repair Disk Permissions” . DISK UTILITY is found in the Applications folder, then Utilities Folder then Disk Utility. Select your OS Hard Drive then Run “Repair Disk” or if that selection is not available then “Repair Disk Permissions”

      after running Repair Disk is complete try repairing your keyboard using bluetooth setup assistant then reboot and see if that worked.

      1-2-3 didn’t work next you can try:

      4 – Delete this file., you can find this file by doing a spotlight search

      once again run bluetooth assistant and reset up the keyboard

      I hope one of these solutions may solve your issue however if none of these methods solves the problem the most likely cause then is a bad
      bluetooth radio transmitter in your keyboard.

      Good Luck and thanks for reading Techtipsandtoys

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