Samsung’s New Ultra Compact Blu-ray Players for 2011

Samsung revealed two new ultra slim, ultra small Blu-ray players at CES 2011.

The Samsung BD-D7500 is promoted as the world’s slimmest Blu-ray player measuring only 1 inch deep.  It has a silver brushed aluminum looking case and slot-loading DVD drive on the side.

The BD-D7500 can be wall mounted below your TV or even hidden behind your flat panel TV.  The slot-loading DVD drive is on the side which make hiding it behind the TV a great option.

Along with it’s uber slim design the BD-D7500 has similar features to Samsung’s other high end Blu-ray players and is 3D compatible as well as a built in 2D-3D conversion processor.

The BD-D7500 also has built in Wi-Fi so you can access streaming-media services such as Netflix, You Tube and Twitter along with Samsung Apps which include the Weather Network, Face Book and Picasa just to name a few.  The BD-D7500 is DLNA compliant so you can stream your music, photos and videos from any connected PC on your network.

While the brush aluminum housing of the BD-D7500 looks stunning we can’t help but think it will look out of place in many installations when paired with all black components or mounted below ALL black Flat Panel Televisions.

While the BD-D7500 is available only in silver Samsung introduced another ultra small and slim Blu-ray player not much bigger in size than a stack of CD jewel boxes.

The Samsung BD-D7000 is an ultra compact 3D capable Blu-ray player which is similar in size to an external computer DVD drive.  The compact unit has the same features as the BD-D7500 in a different form factor, more cube shaped, slightly thicker but still very small.  The BD-D7000 is black in color with silver accent trim around the sides of the unit.  It features touch screen controls and a pop up, slot loading DVD drive.  Since we didn’t get our hands on one to fully test it yet, it’s unclear if it too can be wall mounted or hidden behind a flat panel TV since we don’t know if the player needs to be level to load a DVD or the slot loading mechanism will work with the player on it’s side.

No pricing has been released on either of these Samsung ultra compact 3D Blu-ray players but North American release date is the first half of 2011.

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2 Responses to Samsung’s New Ultra Compact Blu-ray Players for 2011

  1. Jason Banman says:

    What’s the price on the BD-D7000

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