Residential Camera Systems

Wouldn’t it be nice to see who is at your door from the comforts of your couch or turn on the TV in the bedroom and view the children’s room or check on the new baby asleep.  Now with a residential camera system from ION Security you can.

CCTV cameras have been used in commercial settings to monitor and protect businesses for years and now new digital technology has made camera systems more affordable than ever.

With a residential camera system you can see who’s at the front door before you open it, or check to make sure the kids got home safely from school.  With an ION camera system you  can view the nanny, the baby sitter or just the kids at home alone from your smart phone, iPad or any internet connected computer anywhere in the world.  In addition to the front door additional cameras can be installed to monitor specific rooms in the house, the garage, driveway, back yard or pet run just to name a few popular options.

If you own a cottage or a vacation property even in another province or country a camera system will allow you monitor both live and recorded images of your lake cabin or vacation property from anywhere in the world via the internet.  Want to know what the weather’s like at your home in Phoenix or Las Vegas no problem,  you hear a tropical storm just landed near your vacation home in Florida and want to make sure your properties OK, once again just log in and there it is – REAL TIME, images of your vacation home.  Thinking of going to the lake to water-ski but want to know what the water’s like before you drive from the city to the lake – just view your cottage camera from your smart phone or iPad and see if the water’s calm enough for skiing.

Residential camera systems can range from a single front door camera to elaborate multiple camera systems or even multiple home systems.  A digital video recorder can also be set up to record camera footage and allow review and playback of specific events.

When used with an alarm system residential video camera systems provide an extra layer of security and protection to the home and an additional deterrent to would be vandals, burglars and thieves.  In the event of an alarm, cameras in the home can be used to visually verify the alarm as legitimate or false and can speed the dispatch of police, fire or emergency personal.  Should an event take place video camera recordings can also aid the police in solving the crime or assist insurance companies when settling a claim.

While security cameras may sound expensive and complicated to work,  today’s residential camera systems are more affordable than ever and digital technology makes them simple and easy to use.

Call or email ION Security at 780-489-5522 or email info@ionsecuritysystems today to find out what a residential camera system can do to enhance your lifestyle and protect your home.

At ION Security,   “We’ve got our eye on you”

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  1. djsedm says:

    Android and Blackberry phones are already supports on various single camera and multiple camera systems. The iPhone and Android apps are usually very similar while the Blackberry apps are more limited in features and functions but all phones are supported.

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