MagicPrefs for Apple Magic Mouse Review

While the guys at Apple make great products they don’t always get everything right with their designs and functionality.  Most Apple users have a love – hate relationship with their Apple Products and often get frustrated at the littlest things that Apple Engineers seem to overlook.  Thankfully when Apple doesn’t include a feature or option in one of there products there are inventive engineers and programers that find a working solution that often leaves Apple users saying “Why didn’t Apple think of that” or “Why didn’t Apple include that with their product right out of the Box”.

Apple’s Magic Mouse is just one of those Apple products that looks cool and sexy and is an engineering marvel, that challenges the way we interface with our computers.  The Magic Mouse is the perfect combination of mouse and trackpad with multi touch interface and gestures, if you read my review of the mouse you’ll know I’m clearly a fan of the Magic Mouse however I was very disappointed at the overall tracking speed, especially the up/down tracking on my large 24” Monitor.

Enter MagicPrefs for the Apple Magic Mouse.  MagicPrefs is a Free, menu bar and preference pane application that improves the tracking performance of the Magic Mouse and adds increased functionality.  The utility is free to download and once installed creates a control panel in your system preferences as well as an icon in your Menu Bar for mouse control.

The MagicPrefs utility is compatible with Leopard and Snow Leopard and increased the tracking performance of the mouse by 200%.  This utility allows you to fine tune the tracking and add additional features to the Magic Mouse that Apple engineers should have designed and included as part of the drivers for the Magic Mouse right from the factory.

If you have a large monitor 24-30” and are finding difficulties with the tracking speed and performance of the Magic Mouse download and install MagicPrefs and you’ll be amazed at the performance boost and fine tuning you can do.

I thoroughly recommend MagicPrefs for all Apple Magic Mouse users, this software should be inlaced with every Magic Mouse right out of the box.

To find out more or to download the FREE MagicPrefs Utility go to:

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2 Responses to MagicPrefs for Apple Magic Mouse Review

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  2. Mardi says:

    Great tip, I purchased a Magic Mouse for my wife’s iMac last year (sept 2011). This should really help with the sluggish cursor movements. thanks

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