More iPad 2 Rumors

With no official word from Apple on the features or release date several more Rumors about the iPad 2 have surfaced include one which hasn’t been raise yet or talked about much.

As previously mentioned on this blog and others the iPad 2 will have both a front and rear facing camera similar to the iPhone 4.  This will allow you to make “Facetime” calls from the iPad and bring it up to the same functionality as the iPhone 4.  What hasn’t been talked about yet was the inclusion of a LED Flash on the iPad 2 once again similar to the iPhone 4.  It makes sense that if the iPad is going to have two cameras then it would have a flash too!  Some preliminary case designs have been seen that include and oblong slot cutout for the front facing camera indicating that the new iPad 2 will have a flash.

Once again preliminary case designs are thinner than the original iPad indicating that the iPad 2 will be slimmer and lighter than the original with a flat back similar to the design change from the iPhone 3GS to the      iPhone 4.  This again would make sense as Apple generally likes to keep    it’s products looking similar throughout the line

A cut out for a USB port was also seen on an iPad 2 case prototype in addition to larger speaker cut outs.

We still predict an announcement from Apple the beginning of March with a release date to follow in April.   Hopefully the iPad 2 will be available in Canada at the same time it is released in the USA.

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