iOS 4.3 Release

On Tuesday, Steve Jobs unveiled the highly coveted, all new designed, second generation iPad 2.    Along with the unveiling of the new iPad came the announcement of Apple’s new operating system for iDevices –  iOS 4.3.

Apple will release iOS 4.3 in conjunction with the launch of the iPad 2 in the United States on March 11.

So what’s so special about iOS 4.3?
We’ll in a word plenty.

Faster Web Browsing:
iOS 4.3 starts with significantly increasing the speed and performance of mobile browsing by installing a new Nitro JavaScript engine to Safari.  Nitro runs JavaScript up to twice as fast as in iOS 4.2.2.  What this means to the user is faster page loads and sites with more interactive features will appear on your screen even faster.

iTunes Home Sharing:
Sharing your iTunes library from anywhere in your home has never been easier.  iOS 4.3 will allow you to share your music, movie, TV show, podcast or audio book stored on any Mac or PC  with any iOS 4.3 device over the air via Wi-Fi without having to sync or download the file to your portable device.

Personal Hotspot for iPhone 4
iOS 4.3 will enable you to create a Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot using your iPhone 4.  Personal Hot Spot on the iPhone 4 will allow you to share your cellular 3G data connection on the iPhone 4 with Mac, PC, iPad or other Wi-Fi capable devices over bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB.  Every connection to your Personal Hotspot is protected and secure.  To preserve battery life iOS 4.3 can detect when your Personal Hotspot is no longer in use and turns it off.

Personal Hot Spot is only available on the iPhone 4, and we have confirmed that both Rogers and Fido will be enabling this features to ALL iPhone 4 owners running iOS 4.3 with a data plan of 1GB or higher.  This is great news for Rogers and Fido iPhone 4 customers because it means iPhone 4 users who want to buy an iPad 2 will not have to purchase the more expensive 3G enabled iPad 2 models and instead can purchase the less expensive Wi-Fi only iPad and then use their existing iPhone 4 as a personal hub.

Money Saving Tip for iPhone 4 Owners:

If you are planning on purchasing an iPad or iPad 2 and already have an iPhone 4 which you will be carrying with you at the same time as you use the iPad then don’t buy the more expensive 3G GSM iPad models instead purchase the less expensive Wi-Fi only model and if necessary use the money you save to purchase a iPad with more memory rather than the 3G transmitter.  This tip will also save you money on monthly cellular base line charges.  Rogers and Fido allow you to share your data plan with any other 3G device, tablet, laptop etc…  for an additional $15 dollars per month.  Under this plan both your Telephone and other 3G device would share the same data minutes but you would be paying an additional $15 per month for the base charge for the additional 3G card and phone/data number assigned to the device.  By using your iPhone 4 as a Personal Hot Spot and a Wi-Fi only iPad or other device you will save $15 a month on base line network charges – That’s $180 a year or $540 over 3 years which is usually the life of the contract.

Of course it goes without saying,  if you plan to give your iPad to your kids, wife or employees to use and they do not have an iPhone 4 with Personal Hotspot then they will not be able to access the internet wirelessly unless they are near a public Wi-Fi hotspot.  A 3G iPad would be able to access the  internet from anywhere there is 3G coverage using it’s own 3G transmitter.  If you plan to use your iPad this way then I would recommend purchasing a 3G model with a separate SIM card and $15 a month additional fee.

Important Note: There are three other important notes about connecting a Wi-Fi iPad 2 using the personal hot spot feature on the iPhone 4.

1 – GPS Location services will not work on the iPad 2 so if you plan on using GPS Location specific Apps or Geo Tagging is important to you, you may wish to purchase a 3G iPad.

2 – Battery Power – Personal hot spot and Wi-Fi uses more battery power in both devices so if your a heavy user you may wish to go for the 3G iPad because if your phone battery dies your 3G connection for you iPad would also die with it

3 – Data Plans – check with your carrier to insure that using the same data plan for both devices is cheaper than having 2 separate plans.  Different carriers treat Personal Hot Spot and data plans differently.  In Canada Rogers has announced that Personal Hot Spot will be FREE and only the data used will be charged, however in other countries carriers will charge up to $20 per month to enable the Personal Hot Spot Feature.  Also some carriers offer more data at lower cost for the iPad compared to the iPhone.  Telus and Bell have not released their iPad data plans or pricing at this time.

Other iOS  Features from the previous release

Run All you apps and switch between them without slowing down the performance or draining the batter

Great way to organize apps into folders with drag and drop simplicity

Neat little feature which allows you to Print mail, photos, webpages and more directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to AirPrint enabled printers

Find My iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
This is perhaps one of the best reasons to buy an iDevice.  Find my iPhone will allow you to locate your missing iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch on a map and best of all it’s FREE!

iOS 4.3 will work on iPhone3Gs, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3rd & 4th Generation and iPad and iPad 2.

iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G as well as iPod Touch 1st and 2nd generation owners will be stuck on iOS 4.2 and will not be able to upgrade past 4.2.

All in all iOS 4.3 is a mighty impressive upgrade for iPhone 4, 3GS and iPad users and well worth upgrading when Apple releases it later this week.

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