3D TVs Predicted to Hit 15 Million by 2012

Is 3D TV a fading fad? 

Not according to a new study by Futuresource which predicts 15 million 3DTV’s will be in homes by the end of 2012.

Analysts are predicting huge sales increases in coming months as New Passive (FPR) 3D TVs  are introduced this year.  Passive 3D Tvs achieve 3D effects with inexpensive, light weight, un-powered,  polarized glasses.  Manufacturers are gearing up to introduce several new Passive 3D TV sets this spring.  FPR 3D Technology coupled with aggressive pricing and an increase in content from both DVD sales and emerging 3D TV networks may just be the ticket to push 3D sales through the roof.

Then again with only 4 million 3D TV Flat Panels sold world wide in 2010 somethings gotta give to change consumer demand if we are to see 15 million 3D sets in homes by the end of 2012.

So what’s the magic bullet needed to see 3D TV sales soar?

Get rid of the Glasses … until that happens 3D TV sales will continue to flounder.

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