Do We Really Need the Yellow Pages Anymore?

It’s that time of year again, spring has sprung and a new crop of Yellow Pages is being delivered to your home or office door step.

Do we really need the Yellow Pages any more?  In our internet connected world we have wired internet at home and work, we have wireless internet through cell phone providers like Rogers, Telus and Bell. We have iPhones, iPads, Android Phones, Blackberry’s, Smart Phones, we have regular Cell Phones, We have net books, tablets, laptops, we have GPS units in our cars and we have Wi-Fi networks everywhere so who still uses the Yellow Pages in the Google Age?

It’s ridiculous in this era of Green Consumerism that we want to Ban, Plastic Shopping Bags, Paper Coffee Cups and implement an Idling Bylaw for warming up our cars in the winter time when it’s minus 30,  yet we still publish more than 10 Million yellowpages, superpages and canpages Phone Books and directories which most consumers throw in the garbage or leave in the street.  The telephone company realizes that people don’t use paper directories any more, they stopped printing the White Pages years ago telling everyone the information is available on-line.  But yet they refuse to stop printing the wasteful, environmentally unfriendly Yellow Pages.  Why – Money.  Unlike the white pages which cost the telephone company to print the Yellow Pages are still a money generator albeit a rapidly declining one.
With the advent of smart phones like the iPhone and tablet computers like the iPad print media as a whole is undergoing a digital revolution akin to the invention of the printing press itself.  With access to cellular internet and WiFi networks everywhere we are we live in a connected world where access to information is readily available almost everywhere in the palm or our hands.

Savvy business owners and marketers know that a very small percentage of the population uses the Yellow Pages anymore and most directory advertising is accomplished online whether in online directory or search engine pages or direct links to a businesses website.

Several of my colleagues including most in Media and Marketing companies have pulled their traditional print media and yellow pages listings over the past year opting out of the Yellow Pages for electronic media options like “Google Ad Words”, “Blogs” and of course corporate and business websites.

At DJS Enterprises Ltd my parent company and my affiliate companies DJ’s Sound City and Ion Security, we too jumped on the internet media bandwagon this year with newly designed websites and and of course this blog   Our websites are still being completed, ion’s 90% done while dj’s is just a shell right now but the amount of exposure generated by our website and this blog in 6 months far outstrips any advertisement we ran in the Yellow Pages for any of our companies over the past 20 years combined further proving that NOBODY uses the Yellow Pages anymore.

If we are such an environmentally concerned society banning plastic bags, paper coffee cups and idling vehicles why aren’t we banning the Yellow Pages?  Take a look at the pictures in this post,  those Yellow Page phone books are BRAND NEW, Never Used, at least with a coffee cup or plastic bag we use it before we recycle it.  Millions of NEW Yellow Page Phone books are printed and NEVER Used – what’s the sense in that?

As we continue to move into an increasingly connected world the Yellow Pages will continue to shrink and eventually dwindle away a long, slow death, for millions of Canadians it won’t be fast enough or soon enough.

If you’re interested in Digital Signage or developing a Blog or New Media Strategy for your business call or email Doyle at 780-489-5522 or for a Free Consultation.

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5 Responses to Do We Really Need the Yellow Pages Anymore?

  1. saiinfo says:

    It’s a very informative blog ,keep it up.

  2. Chris says:

    Savvy business owners and marketers know that a very small percentage of the population uses the Yellow Pages anymore and most directory advertising is accomplished online whether in online directory or search engine pages or direct links to a businesses website. – Please site your source for this revelation. (how does a savvy business owner know where the best place to attract the most profitable business unless they try multiple forms of media. Where do you think the biggest percentage of advertising media comes from.

    • Chris says:

      Also Yellow Pages advertising is mostly used by people 40-70 and most commonly for household expenditures. Top areas for advertising are things like Dr.s Lawyers, bondmen, plumbers, A/C Heating contractors, Roofing, Handyman, Flooring, Florist, Funeral homes, Accountants, and tax specialist. Typically items like yours have never been very popular in that format. Choice of media is very industry specific. For instance if you don’t see very many wedding planners advertising on TV very much. Or how search engine marketing doesn’t work as well for commercial janitorial companies.You wouldn’t know these things unless you were an expert in advertising as a whole. You need to understand how to reach your target market not shun forms of media because they are not the end all be all to everyone.

      • djsedm says:

        Actually Chris, I am a University Graduate with a Marketing Major.

        As a low voltage contractor I work with lawyers, docs, accountants, and various trades people and contractors, everyone one of them gets more results from a FREE Kijiji ad or their blogs and websites and GOOGLE Ad Words or Bing and Yahoo Search Engine results than they every have from their yellow page ads.

        I don’t have a single business colleague who has increased their Print Media exposure however I know several who’s business has increased incrementally when adopting an On Line and Social Media Marketing Strategy.

        I do agree with your last comment about reaching your target market, You are completely right every business needs to define who their customer is and how they panel to acquire new customers and grow their business. An on-line marketing strategy isn’t right for everyone and neither is the yellow pages. There are still listings and ads in the Yellow Pages and for the time being anyway they still are printing the book.

        My sister sold advertising for the yellow page directory years ago and was laid off due to consolidation. After leaving the Yellow Page Group she obtained a job in the marketing department of a private company who now has a Large On-line exposure, is a leader in it’s industry and one of the top 500 companies to work for in Canada Her company no longer has a yellow page ad but spends Thousands in On-Line media each year and is a multi-million dollar corporation.

        Go figure?

    • djsedm says:

      Thanks for your commentary Chris …. are you in Yellow Page advertising sales by any chance?

      I have several sources for my comments … first and foremost is my own personal experience, Since launching my blog and websites my business sales volume and customer acquisition has tripled in the first 12 months and then double the second year. That’s exponential growth. The hits to our websites and bogs too have grown exponentially and we sell all over the world now.

      Last year alone we had over 300,000 hits to our blog and websites in just 12 months. In the 20 years of yellow page listings and advertising I’ve never had that type of success or impact. I’d be lucky to get a couple calls a month.

      Personally I have not looked at a Yellow Page directory in more than 10 years and even my father and mother who are both 75 and have and iPad and iMac computer GOOGLE everything. They too haven’t used the Yellow Pages in more than 3 years.

      I have several colleagues and customers who are Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Contractors, Tradesmen, SubTrades and Accountants and they TOO All agree that their website, online line traffic and even FREE Sites such as kijiji and craigslist generate more business and traffic and business than there Yellow Pages ever have.

      The fact is out of all the business associates and colleagues in my personal and professional network I do not know of a single business person who has increased his/her Yellow Page advertising or exposure in the past 10 years. Every person/business I know has decreased their PRINT exposure in favor of ON-LINE presence.

      Social Media, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, Websites, Forums, Chartrooms and Websites have CRUSHED traditional PRINT Media Advertising such as the yellow pages.

      The phenomenal success of sites like GroupOn are a perfect example of how outdated the YellowPages has become.

      Perhaps the BEST Source of all is the Yellow Page book itself. Each year the Yellow Page directory continues to shrink and shrink some more. Every year there are fewer and fewer pages and less and less ads. Really do you think this would be happening if the Yellow Pages was such and indispensable resource and effective marketing tool.

      The proof is in the pudding – as they say.

      If you need further proof of how the impact of SMART PHONES, Tablets and Wireless Internet and connectivity is just ask the companies that Print Maps.
      Since the introduction of Google Maps and implementation of realtime GPS tracking on Smart Phones, Map sales have plummeted in direct correlation with technology. Even handheld and in car GPS devices are slowing down because the same information is now available in our hands via our smart phone.

      Everybody with a Smartphone, Tablet or Computer has direct access to the YellowPages digitally on their phone – It’s called GOOGLE, YAHOO and BING.

      Lastly if you feel that directory advertising is so powerful and there is a need for Yellow Pages, then why did the phone company STOP Printing the White Pages?

      Without the white pages I’m still able to look up the name and phone number of my Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant and any member of my family or friends just by typing their name into a search engine.

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