iPad 2 GPS Information works when tethered with iPhone Personal Hotspot

Turns out initial reports of the Wi-Fi only iPad2 losing GPS functionality when tethered to an iPhone 4 were false assumptions.  It was assumed that because the Wi-Fi only iPad 2 lacks the 3G Radio and GPS Chip that location based services and apps would not work on the iPad 2 when using the iPhone 4 Personal Hotspot as the network source.  Tests by Tablet Monsters confirm that GPS apps and services DO WORK on the iPad 2 when connected through the Personal Hotspot on the iPhone 4.  The 3G radio and GPS chip in the iPhone 4 seems to communicate location based data to the Wi-Fi connected iPad 2, this is a great bonus for iPhone 4 and iPad 1 or 2 users and may make the decision choice between a 3G iPad and Wi-Fi only iPad a little easier for iPhone 4 owners.

The iPad 2 is only days away from being released in Canada on March 25th and I can’t wait to get my hands on one, in fact I plan on buying two!

My wife and I both have iPhone 4’s so we decided to purchase Wi-Fi only iPads and put the money we saved on not buying the 3G versions into extra memory.  The location based services and GPS support on Wi-Fi only iPads is Great News!  Now let’s hope the lineup at the Apple Store isn’t too long on Friday.

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