SensoGlove – World’s First Digital Golf Glove

It’s hard to believe that Golf season is right around the corner when we still have snow on the ground but for those golfers looking to improve their swing this year “SensoGlove” maybe just the tool they need to knock a few strokes off their score.

“SensoGlove” is billed as the worlds first digital golf glove consisting of a golf glove with digital sensors in the fingers and a 1.2 inch LCD screen.  The “SensoGlove” teaches you the right way to hold and grip the club.  Maintaining a lighter grip pressure is essential to the golf swing and the built-in digital sensors continuously monitor your grip pressure and provide you with information needed to improve your game.

Does it work?  We haven’t had a chance to test it  but at $89.00 it might be worth a shot.

To see the interactive demo of the glove click here:


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