Think You’re a Good Driver – Progressive Says Prove it and They’ll Lower Your Insurance

Think you’re a good driver and paying Too Much for Car Insurance then you might want to sign up for Progressive Insurance  “Progressive Snapshot” discount program and prove it.

Progressive insurance will send you a “Snapshot Module” which will plug into the OBDII port under the steering wheel of your car.  The Snapshot Module will collect and record information while you drive and if Progressive likes what they see they will offer you up to a 30% discount on insurance rates.

What’s Progressive looking for, we’ll some of the things are gentle braking, driving fewer miles than the average driver in your area, what hours you drive, how much you drive during peek and off peak hours just to name a few things.

Progressive says the device does not capture speed data or GPS information and that the information collected will not be used to increase your rates.  The “Snapshot Module” is used to determine if the driver earns an additional discount to the current rate he/she is paying.  The module communicates the information to Progressive who analyzes the data and applies earned discounts every 30 days to the drivers monthly insurance premium.

What’s next video cameras in your car – so your insurance company can watch you while you drive?

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