Ion Security – Reliable, Affordable and Easy to Use

Whether you are building a new home, have an existing home or even have an existing alarm system it’s never too late to think of adding or upgrading your Home Security.

Reliable, affordable and easy to use home security systems are available for homeowners and condominium owners alike.  With the proliferation of the internet and advances in digital technologies the world of home security has rapidly changed over the past couple years and continues to evolve at an every increasing pace.  New technologies have expanded the capabilities of the traditional home alarm to now integrate with your heating/cooling system, door locks and lights in addition to being able to be accessed via the internet or iPhone.

Traditional hardwired alarm systems are still in use today however the reliability and flexibility of wireless systems have dramatically improved making these systems an excellent alternative to hard wired systems.

Wireless or hard wired,  every ION Security alarm system comes with a wide array of options to secure your home including window and door contacts, motion detectors, smoke detectors, water/flood detectors, high/low temperature detectors, glass break sensors and pet friendly motion sensors just to name a few.

Advanced features also include the ability to program, monitor and control your lights, door locks and temperature from inside your home or remotely via the internet or smart phone.

Back-up Communication Option:

Back-up communication is an enhancement to any security system. Back-up communication can either be internet, cellular/GSM or regular telephone line depending on the communication options in your home.  A back-up communicator provides an additional layer of projection to your alarm system should your main communication method go down for any reason.

No Phone Line…..No Problem.

Today it is common to find homes with no land line at all.  Every day more household are canceling their land line telephones and switching to VOIP (voice over IP) communications or relying solely on their mobile phones as their primary and only phone connection.  So how do you monitor an alarm system with no phone line?  Easy,  when no traditional phone line is present in a home the primary method of communication can be set up as cellular/GSM or internet.  Every ION Security System comes with these options.

Enhance your security with Video Cameras

Residential video camera systems allow you to monitor your home and video verify an alarm event to aid in the priority dispatch of authorities.

For more information on Alarm and Security Systems, Video Cameras and Monitoring click on the link

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