Netflix Canada Lowers Data Usage for Capped Canadian Members

Once again it sucks to be Canadian, from a TV/Technology point of view.

Neil Hunt, chief Product Officer announced to Canadian users that starting today (March 28, 2011) it would be lowering the bandwidth demands by 66% on average for watching movies and TV shows on Netflix with minimal impact to video quality.
The new bandwidth transmission will allow Canadians who watch 30 hours of streaming video a month from Netflix to consume about  9 GB of data as opposed to previous streaming methods which would consume about 30 GB of data.  The move is meant to appease Rogers, Bell and other Internet Service Providers who have begun to CAP internet data plans for their customers.
Netflix’s move to change data transmission methods came on the heals of a recent dispute at the CRTC over usage-based billing by Internet Service Providers in Canada and their customers.  Netflix states “We made these changes because many Canadian Internet service providers unfortunately enforce monthly caps on the total amount of data consumed”.
If you are an Netflix Canada subscriber and do notice a degradation in the quality of video being streamed, you can change back the streaming settings for higher quality video by going to the “Manage Video Quality” page found under “Your Account” at
for more information see:  netflix-lowers-data-usage-by-23-for.html

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1 Response to Netflix Canada Lowers Data Usage for Capped Canadian Members

  1. Michelle A says:

    So when were we offered the 66% price reduction, or warned that this would occur?
    Makes me crazy that this type of thing is acceptable. We were offered unlimited for our fee, I could not figure out what was the problem, as our kids could not get a video to load…. ‘try again’

    Seems now I know why…..

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