Perscription 3D Glasses – just another Plus for Passive 3D TV

Just another reason why Passive 3D TV sales will outsell Active Shutter 3D sales, Prescription 3D Glasses.

3D Glasses maker Marchon3D announced it will begin producing 3D glasses specifically made for prescription lens wearers.

The 3D glasses will come in a variety of styles including Calvin Klein designer frames with 3D lenses and all the way down to clip-on designs that look like clip-on sunglasses that fit on various frames.

Machron3D Glasses and Ultraclips as they are to be called will have polarized M3D leneses and the clip-on’s will have micro magnets soldered directly onto the clips to keep them in place.

Each pair of Machron3D glasses will have photochromatic lenese making them dual-purpose and usable both as 3D glasses and sunglasses as well – try that with Active Shutter Glasses!

Machron3D and Ultraclips will be sold via Eyecare professionals only starting this spring with clip-on frames selling for around $100 US and other designer frames selling around $200.

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