LG 60PK250 and LG 60PK550 Review

The LG 60PK250 is an affordable, great looking, 60” Full 1080P plasma TV.

LG Makes two entry level 60” plasma TV’s the LGPK250 and LG60PK550.  The LG 60PK550 was first introduced in Canada in January 2010 while the LGPK250 was introduced in the UK in March 2010 but didn’t make it to store shelves in Canada till October 2010. Both these 60” televisions are essentially the same inside with minor changes to the chassis on the outside (more on that later).

We’ve installed several LG 60PK250’s and 60PK550’s in both commercial and residential installations and have been thoroughly impressed with the picture quality of this LG TV.  Often times when when installing plasma TV’s in sports bars we get asked by customers, “Why are we installing Plasma TV’s instead of LCD’s?”  The answer we tell them is always the same.

Two LG 60PK250 Plasma TV’s installed in a Sports Bar

Plasma TV’s have four main benefits over LCD’s and they are motion blur, wider viewing angle and no color shift, better non-HD picture quality and lower price.

1 – Motion Blur: One of the biggest problems with LCD TV’s is the slow refresh rate generally 60-240Hz and associated Motion Blur.  Motion blur is not something you want to see in a when watching fast action sports like hockey or action movies.  LG’s 600Hz Max Sub Field Driving blows LCD’s out of the water when it comes to action and motion blur or artifacting.

2 – Viewing Angle and Color Shift: LCD TVs generally have a sweet spot both horizontally and vertically in which to view the TV, deviate off axis from the sweet spot and the screen brightness dims, contrast weakens and color shift occurs.  Some LCD screens have a wider sweet spot than others and some LCD screens exhibit these symptoms more than others but ALL LCD TV’s have this inherent problem and is something to consider when choosing a TV.  In the average living room, media room or home theater viewing angle is not usually a consideration however in a large room like a restaurant or sports bar viewing angle is most definitely needs to be considered.  Plasma TV’s generally don’t exhibit changes in color, contrast or screen brightness when viewed off axis as compared to LCD TVs.

3 – Non-HD Programming: Most popular TV shows are now broadcast in HD however there are many shows and networked which still are not broadcasting in HD in Canada.  Plasma TV’s generally “Look Better” than “LCD” TV’s when viewing Non-HD programming.  LCD TV’s tend to sharpen or pixellate Non-HD images resulting in a blurry or choppy and jagged picture.  This is especially noticable when viewing video taped images.  Plasma TV’s in general have a slightly softer more subtle picture processing which makes Non-HD programming look better and less pixellated on a plasma TV as opposed to an LCD Display

4 – Price: Another benefit of Plasma over LCD is price.  Generally speaking in most cases you will get a bigger TV for a lower price with a Plasma TV display verses a similar LCD display.

Hint of Color Red Strip on the Bottom of the LG60PK250 Blends in Well with the Wall  and Softens the bottom edge of the TV with the Rust Wall Color.

The LGPK250 and LG60PK550 are full 1080P, 60” Plasma Panels with a 600Hz refresh rate, 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio, 16 bit color processing and 100,000 hour rated life span.

These TV’s feature LG’s Clear Voice II sound processing circuitry which works pretty good and gets decent sound out of the built in speakers.  We recommend installing a complete surround sound system however for casual viewers the built in speakers should provide adequate volume in most rooms.  Another nice feature is LG’s Picture Wizard II technology for easy picture calibration.

There are 3 HDMI v1.3 Deep Color inputs on the PK250 and PK550.  One HDMI is located on the side and two on the rear.  There are also 2 component video inputs, 2 DV compoiste inputs, 1 RF input, 1 digital audio out and 1 RGB/VGA D-sub 15pin input.

Aesthetically LG makes some of the nicest looking TV’s and the PK250 and PK550 models are outstanding.  The Slim frame design is only 2.2 inches deep and the surrounding bezel is less than 1/2” on the top and sides and a little over an inch on the bottom.  The chassis is finished in a Hi Gloss, Piano Black Finish.  The main difference between the PK250 and PK550 models is strictly cosmetic.  The LG 60PK250 has a small red plastic insert on the bottom front face of the TV which provides a hint or touch of color to the chassis and helps blend the black chassis into dark or cherry colored furnishings.  The hint of color strip works the best with “Redish Tones”, so if you wall or cabinet colors are dark brown, expresso, burgundy or rust the PK250 will subtlety blend in with your decor.  If your walls or cabinet colors are Light wood colored or white, cream, yellow or gold the PK550 is a better model choice with the ALL Black chassis.

We’ve installed several LG-60PK250 and LG-60PK550 TV’s in various commercial and residential installations and both our clients and customers have been impressed with the price, performance and picture quality of these 60” LG flat panels.  If you’re looking for a great performing 60” Flat Panel Plasma TV at an affordable price point we highly recommend the LG-60PK250 andPK550 TVs.

If you are interested in this LG TV, installation, home theater or commercial audio and video call DJ’s Sound City at 780-489-5522 or email info@djsoundcity.com.

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1 Response to LG 60PK250 and LG 60PK550 Review

  1. Derek Davison says:

    I bought one new and I’ve used it as my main TV to this day. the picture is still incredible. Very deep blacks, Rich color, great contrast, smooth motion, etc. PlayStation 4 renders some incredible imaging

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