Terwillegar Boston Pizza A/V System Upgrade!

Looking for a great place to watch Hockey, Football, UFC and other sports, check out Terwillegar Boston Pizza at 378 Bulyea Road in Edmonton with 11 Flat Panel TV’s and a new 9 foot motorized projection screen TV there’s not a bad seat in the house.

Several months ago DJ’s Sound City upgraded the audio and video system at Terwillegar Boston Pizza.  The goal of the A/V upgrade was to increase the number of televisions screens to allow the viewing of multiple games at the same time, especially during the playoffs.  In addition the size of the Flat Panel TV screens needed to be increased.  With every home having at least 1 or more 42-50” Flat Panel screens,  New 60” LG Flat Panel Screens were selectively installed in place of the previous 42 and 50” screens.

Go Big or Go Home – What’s a Sports Bar without a Giant Big Screen TV.  With the cost of projectors and screens dropping and the image quality improving to HDTV standards the time to add a projector and motorized screen was now!  An Epson HD projector with an Elite 9’ Motorized Screen was installed to provide patrons with life size viewing of hockey, UFC and other sporting events.  The Epson HD projector is capable of projecting images on screens up to 20’ in size however the ceiling height of the lounge limited the screen size to 9’,  which has 70% larger viewing area than a 60” TV.

Once all the TV’s and projectors were installed the complete HDTV video system was rewired and zoned to provide 3 separate HD video feeds into the lounge and 2 separate HD video feeds into the restaurant.  Switching for the 5 independent HD Video zones was achieved by a 3×5 HDTV Video Matrix switcher to allow simple and easy operation for the staff.

At the same time the video system was upgraded the sound system was overhauled as well.  The previous sound system was prone to overheating and resulted in the audio cutting out periodically if not cooled properly.  The audio and video components were installed in an upper storage cabinet which was only 15 inches deep and did not provide for adequate ventilation, circulation or cooling of the audio and video components.              Equipment Cabinet Before

Previous attempts to rectify the cooling problem included cutting holes in the cabinetry, installing fans in the cabinet and even inside some of the equipment as well as installing temporary fans on the outside of the cabinet.  While these measures worked when the fans were plugged in and working too often the power supply for the fans would stop working or the staff would forget to attach the temporary clip on cooling fans and the amplifier would overheat and cut out right in the middle of a game or sporting event.

Upgrading the audio system and improving the cooling and circulation was no easy task.  There are several “Active Cooling” High Powered Commercial Amplifiers on the market but all of them are deeper than 15” which was the maximum existing cabinet dimensions.  The solution to improve the cooling of the components could not be accomplished simply by installing new equipment – A new larger equipment location would have to be found or the existing cabinetry would need to be modified.  No new equipment location was readily available and the cost to move all the existing wiring would have been prohibitive therefore the only solution was to modify the existing A/V equipment cabinetry.  DJ’s Sound City modified the upper equipment cabinet by increasing the cabinet depth by 8 inches by building a front cabinet extension and adding it to the existing cabinet.  The cabinet extension would be fabricated at DJ’s Sound City’s shop and then installed, finished and painted on-site while the location was open and while all the equipment components were working.  The audio and video system did not need to be disconnected while the cabinet modifications were done and the restaurant and lounge also remained open.

At the same time the cabinet extension was being fabricated, DJ’s Sound City also built two new custom equipment racks for the existing and new equipment to be installed in the renovated upper cabinet.  The new equipment racks would have 90% more ventilation than the previous racks to enhance and improve the cooling in the tightly       confined upper cabinet.              Expanded Equipment Cabinet After installing New Racks

The extra depth added to the cabinetry would allow for the installation of a NEW High Powered Active Cooling 360W Inter-M Commercial Amplifier and improve airflow and cooling within the cabinet.  The previous amplifier was only 120 watts and convection cooled while the new amplifier would be 3 times larger, more powerful with more headroom and of course actively cooled with a built in thermal controlled fan.  The equipment would be arranged in the new equipment racks to provide better access and improved circulation and cooling and the new cabinetry design will be open faced with no doors to aid cooling, circulation and showcase to the clientele the high end audio and video equipment.

Once complete the new audio system contained six (6) commercial amplifiers for a total of 800 watts of power distributed into five independent zones.  A total of 11 Flat panel video screens including five 60”, four 50” and two 42” screens are selectively located throughout the lounge and a giant 9 foot projection TV and motorized screen is located just to the right of the feature bar.  With 12 FULL HD TV screens in such a small room, there’s not a bad seat in the house for watching hockey, football and special sporting events.  Every seat in the room can view a minimum of five television screens.  The audio system is first class too with enough loudness and headroom to provide terrific sound quality and volume even when the lounge is packed!.   We’re happy to report that since the cabinetry modification, new amplifier and A/V system upgrade and rewiring there hasn’t been a single overheating problem or amplifier sound cutting out.

Terwillegar Boston Pizza is truly an outstanding place to watch Hockey, Football, UFC or other events.  The food is great, the staff is friendly and the TV’s and Sound are Awesome!.   Check out Terwillegar Boston Pizza at 378 Bulyea Road in Edmonton.

If you are interested in Audio, Video, Computer Network, Security Systems or Video Camera systems for you home, office, restaurant, lounge, bar, nightclub, commercial building, store or vacation property call the experts at DJ’s Sound City and ION Security at 780-489-5522 or email info@djsoundcity.com today!.

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2 Responses to Terwillegar Boston Pizza A/V System Upgrade!

  1. mks says:

    You’re right not a bad seat in the house. I was there this weekend for UFC – it was AWESOME! … the big screen rocks! My buds like to watch playoffs there too, you can watch 2 games at the same time on the side by side screens, way better than at home. There’s a couple of hotties that work there too!

  2. Art says:

    Best sports bar in Riverbend to watch the playoffs

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