iPad 2 the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

The iPad 2 is the perfect computer for seniors and a great gift for Mother’s Day.

If your senior mother is like mine they love to chat, talk and socialize but don’t like to email  or surf the web on a regular desktop or laptop computer because they find it to complicated or intimidating.  My 72 year old mother would never send an email, do a google search or surf the web without the assistance from my 73 year old father.  Mom loves reading emails and searching WebMD and other sites but always with the assistance of my father “Working the Computer”,  Mom couldn’t be bothered to boot up the computer herself, open up the email or web browser and navigate the computer operating system.  Mom loves looking a pictures on the computer  also but only did so when my father would boot it up and set everything up for Mom to view.

Enter the iPad 2.  This year our family gave my Mom a group gift of an shiny white iPad 2.  We gave the gift to her a week early and she’s been having “FUN” using it every since.  The intuitive, touch screen interface of the iPad 2 instantly breaks down the intimidating demeanor of a regular desktop or laptop computer and makes the iPad simple, easy and ‘Fun’ to use.

Before giving the iPad 2 to my mother as a gift,  I went onto my dad’s mac computer and activated the iPad in itunes and synced my dad’s email and contacts list, safari browser bookmarks and download some of mom’s favorite pictures and songs from iPhoto and iTunes.  I then configured the wi-fi settings and system preferences and downloaded several Apps from the app-store including recipe and news apps, a security camera app, yellow pages, calculator, dictionary, garageband and of course  WebMD.

By pre-configuring the iPad, downloading the apps and setting everything up for her the iPad 2 was ready to go the minute she opened the box.

The look on my mothers face was priceless when she first opened the box and saw the gleaming white iPad 2,  a smile beamed from ear to ear and the look of surprise quickly turned to intrigue and astonishment as she powered the iPad 2 up and launched the Slide Show Photo Viewing App.  As her favorite photos of family and friends appeared on the screen it was clear that if nothing else the iPad 2 is the best LCD Photo Frame on the market but wait I said Mom there’s more.  Yes I know she replied but do you think I’ll be able to work it?  We sat down at the kitchen table and I showed my Mother and Father all the different features, programs and apps installed on the iPad.   I showed my Mom how to send, receive and read emails, how to search Youtube, how to read newspapers, how to listen to music, how to search for recipes, the calculator and dictionary app’s, how to surf the web using google and safari and how to use the WebMD app.  With each new app and program Mom and Dad were like kids in a candy store, they couldn’t get enough.  At first they were a little overwhelmed by all the things the iPad could do but after about a half an hour of playing with it and exploring it was clear that this is the one computer that MOM, a 72 year old senior citizen, would not only be able to work, but find incredibly useful in her daily life.  After a couple of hours visiting and talking about the iPad my wife and I left my parents house only to arrive home to an awaiting email from my Mother saying Thank You for the iPad 2 gift.  This was the first email my mother had ever sent on her own, without dictating it to my father and having him enter it into the computer.

Over the next couple of days Mom’s familiarity with the iPad grew and in a short span of time she was surfing the web, searching YouTube and reading recipes a news online!  One May 3rd my sister’s birthday, my Mom sent my sister her very first email at work wishing her a Happy Birthday.  My sister was so surprised and excited that her Non-Techie mother could send her an email by herself on her birthday that she picked up the phone and called my mom immediately.

It’s been almost a week now since my Mother first received her early Mother’s Day gift, Last night I called mom, not using the telephone but instead using FaceTime on the iPad 2.  The iPad rang and my Mother and Father answered, their smiling faces instantly appearing on my computer screen.  I asked my mother how she was enjoying her iPad 2 and the smile on her face said it all!

The iPad 2 is the perfect gift for mothers of all ages, mine is 72 and loves it,  why ? because if there’s one gift every mother wants and appreciates more than anything else in the world it’s more “Face Time” – with her children, grandchildren, family and friends.  The iPad 2 is that simple, little, easy to use device that bridges all age groups and genders and does one thing exceeding well and that is to allow us to communicate with each other and share information in a platform unlike any other that every existed before.   Bravo Apple and Happy Mother’s Day to all.

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