Royal Wedding Changes the Way We Watch TV

Anyone who doesn’t believe that TV viewing habits are changing  just needs to look at the Royal Wedding of William and Kate last month.

More than 3 billion people world wide watched the nuptials with more than 72 Million viewers  on YouTube alone the day of the wedding, shattering all previous online watching records.  Additional hits post wedding include more that 101 million hits to watch the re-broadcasts of Pippa Middleton’s dress and another 100,000 plus hits to watch the happy couple kiss!

          reported a total of 300,000 simultaneous viewers during the wedding and a total of “at least 2 million” unique users according to the site’s CEO Max Haot.

                                                                                      In the 24 hour period after the wedding Facebook reported 6,819,072 people posted comments about the wedding.  Twitter shut down tweets about the wedding during the ceremony but was a buzz breaking all records pre and post wedding for number of tweets sent.

                                                                            Anyone doubting the popularity of the new on-line media just needs to take a look and compare the numbers between Charles and Dianne’s wedding and William and Kate’s – the future of media and broadcasting is clearly shifting toward the internet and is poised to overtake tradition broadcast TV in the near future.

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