Barbus iBusiness 2.0 – Serious Mobile Office

German aftermarket company takes the concept of Mobile Office to a whole new level with their new iBusiness multimedia 2.0 system for Mercedes S-Class vehicles.

The iBusiness 2.0 customization package integrates 1 or 2 Wifi Connected iPad 2 tablets into the rear compartment of the Mercedes Sedan.  An internet connected Mac Mini is housed in the trunk and through an app the iPad 2 can control both the on-board entertainment system as well as the functions of the S-Class COMMAND systems such as radio, navigation and phone – all from the rear,  now that’s what I call serious back seat driving.

Specially made, leather covered, electronic tables emerge out of the seat backs of the front seats with cradles for the iPad and Apple Bluetooth keyboard.  There are additional iPads built into the headrests of the front seats and a center mounted 15 inch wide screen display which is also electronically deployed.  The addition screens can be used for watching digital TV broadcasts or other video content.

Digital cameras and other peripherals can be connected to the Mac Mini via USB while music is provided by a 64GB iPod touch.  Sound can be routed to the vehicles audio systems or individuals can adorn their own Sennheiser Noise Guard headphones.  Thanks to the iPad 2’s built in video camera’s and facetime the iBusiness 2.0 system can now be used for video conferencing also.

When not in use the electronic tables and roof mounted monitors recess back into the vehicle out of the way and an integrated charging system in the vehicles center console safely stores and charges the iPad 2’s.

The Barbus iBusiness 2.0 system is available for any current Mercedes Benz S-Class model from the S350 up to the S65 as well as the S600 and S65 models.  With 4 iPad 2s, one 15” monitor connected to a Mac Mini and 1 iPod touch – Barbus has seriously taken the concept of the mobile office to a whole new level.

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