Samsung Drops Price of 3D Glasses as battle begins!

With new, cheaper, Passive 3D TV’s appearing in stores this spring and summer, Samsung discounted the price of their Active Shutter, battery powered, 3D glasses by $80 to a selling price of only $50.

The battle between active and passive 3D TV is set to heat up this year with one of the main benefits of passive 3D being the inexpensive 3D glasses.  Not to be out done Samsung lowered the price of their Active 3D glasses and also stated that ALL Samsung, 3D Capable HDTV’s for 2011 will come with two pairs of glasses packed in.

In response to Passive 3D TV’s lightweight glasses Samsung also announced that it would be reducing the size and weight of their active shutter 3D glasses along with the 62% price reduction.  So the new Active Shutter 3D glasses will be lighter, less bulky and more stylish.

LG’s Passive 3D glasses start at only $10 dollars while Vizio’s run between $30 & $40 bucks making active shutter glasses 22% – 500% more expensive per pair than their passive counterparts.  Passive 3D glasses can also be made to match your eye glasses prescription, something Active shutter 3D glasses will never be able to do.

Stay tuned for more news as stock of passive 3D Tv’s begin to arrive this spring the battle is just starting with the ultimate war to be waged this fall and Christmas season.

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