Structured Wiring – Beyond Security

Are you planning on building a new house?  Have you thought about what kind of security system, video camera system and home entertainment systems will integrate with your lifestyle and the ever evolving digital world we are living in.  Have you thought about your computers and how they will network in your new home, how about sources of content Shaw Cable, Bell Satellite or Telus TV ? what about Internet TV and Streaming Media, Do you want a dedicated home theater or media room?  Surround Sound? iPods, iPads, Whole house audio?  what about Patio Speakers or Outdoor Speakers,  Telephone? Lighting? Heating/Cooling, what about energy conservation and home control?  Your new home is the most expensive investment in your life and all these questions are important ones which will impact your lifestyle in your new home.

While some builders offer rough in wiring for security systems, home theater and whole house audio video wiring, these wiring packages or complete systems are usually just the bare minimum and often become very limiting as your technology needs and requirements change and evolve.  We are increasingly living a digital lifestyle and what may seem like OK or not important for today could become disappointing and frustrating in the future as technology continues to integrate into every faucet of our lives.  Avoid the “I wish I thought of that” or  “Why didn’t we do that when we built our house blues” and call ION Security today for a Free No Obligation consultation to insure your new Dream Home will be wired for today and the future.


We have developed great working relationships with several builders over the years.  We can work with your builder/developer/architect to ensure that your new home is properly wired to meet your lifestyle needs today and flexible enough to exceed your requirements well into the future.  We have over 20 years  experience in structured wiring, design and installation.  Each ION Security whole house wiring system is designed to meet the needs our your lifestyle today and into the future with focus on Optimal Performance of all Security, Audio and Video Components, Exceptional Value and most of all Intuitive and Easy of Use.  At ION Security we believe technology should serve you and enhance your life rather than you becoming a slave to technology and allowing it to overwhelm and frustrate you as you learn to coexist with a poorly designed and engineered Audio/Video Security system.

Ready to Get Wired?

Only a few short years ago homes were being wired with so called “Smart Wiring”.  This usually meant the home builder or electrician would run two (2) coaxial cables and two (2) Cat 5 cables to a couple of designated locations in the home.  Today with HDTV, Gigabit Ethernet, Digital Cable, Telus Optic TV, HDMI, Digital Security Cameras, Streaming Video, Cat6 and Fiber Optic cable being ran in new subdivisions in Edmonton, suddenly a couple of coax and cat 5 cables doesn’t seem TOO Smart, yet many home buyers believed only a few years ago, that was all the wiring required to Future Proof their new homes.

A properly designed “Structured Wiring” system incorporates all the necessary wiring infrastructure to support digital communications, voice, data, audio, video, cameras and security in your new home, not only today but well into the future.

What will prewiring do for me?

As technologies continue to develop the converge and become more connected, having a home wired to support these emerging technologies can be mean the difference between future-readiness and obsolescence.

Many of the electronics and systems already in your home would benefit from being integrated with each other.  A local area wired and wireless network will allow PC’s, Mac’s Laptops, iPods, iPhones and iPads to become interconnected and share files and connected printers within the home similar to the set-up in an office environment.

Television wiring and distribution though out the home will let you share and view HDTV Set Top Boxes, Steaming Media devices, Media Servers, Apple TV, Netflix, DVD Players, VCR’s and Security Cameras to be displayed on various TV’s and Monitors in the house

Whole house audio integration allows iPods, iPads, Central Media Servers, PC’s & Macs to be accessed on all stereo devices in the home or independently on specific stereo systems in each room or zone.

Heating/Air Conditioning, Lighting and Door Locks become integrated with the security systems and allow the home owner to remote monitor and manage temperature, lighting and door locks from inside the home or via the internet or smart phone app.

The benefits are clear!

Future Proofing: The benefits of prewiring is not just what will it do for me today but what will it ALLOW me to do in the future!

Once your home is prewired there is no need to rewire when you add new systems, services, electronics, technology and components.  With the right infrastructure in place adding and changing devices and services is easy and cost effective.

With Prewiring your home will be ready for additional video cameras, computers, , televisions, cable boxes, alarm components and other devices which have yet to be developed.  Components can be added in steps as the budget allows or as needs arise or technology changes.  Prewiring allows you flexibility and avoids an ALL or Nothing decisions.

When prewiring is designed by ION Security “YOU” are involved in the decision-making process of where to run the wires and what location on the wall to mount the service wall plate.

Prewiring is a “SMART EXPENSE” because it locks in the cost of cable, wiring and labour at today’s costs and protects you the home owner from rising costs of copper metals and labour rates.  Prewiring at the framing stage is quicker and has lower labor cost than the expense of disturbing the drywall and vapor barrier later to install required wiring into the walls of the home not to mention the additional expense of refinishing the drywall and painting.

Prewiring is a great investment and adds to the resale value of the home.  As technology continues to emerge into every facet of our life, homes with structured wiring often sell quicker and for more money in the resale market than similar homes without such amenities.  Most home owners now and in the future put a high value on anything that enhances the digital lifestyle.

DJ’s Sound City:

ION Security believes that integrating security systems with video and sound in one complete package is a great benefit and value to the home owner.  DJ’s Sound City our audio and video division is one of the most experienced system integration companies in Edmonton and has been designing and installing commercial and residential audio/video systems since 1986.

ION Security and DJ’s Sound City can design, build and install a whole house system that integrates alarm, security cameras, telephone, computer networks, audio, video and home entertainment equipment into one intuitive, reliable, high performing and most of all easy to use system.

No project is too big or small,  Call Doyle today at 780-489-5522 or email:  for a No Obligation Consultation …  you’ll be glad you did.

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