StateFarm® Driver Feedback App

Two months ago we told you about the “Progressive Snapshot Module” and Discount Program offered by Progressive Insurance to monitor driving habits and patterns and offer up to a 30% discount on insurance rates.

StateFarm® has introduced an Free iPhone app which provides similar information to “Progressive’s Snapshot Module”  the difference here is the StateFarm Driver Feedback App is designed for your own personal use and StateFarm does not collect any data nor adjust your insurance rates based on the data collected within your iPhone.
So how does it work?  Well the StateFarm’s Driver Feeback app uses the iPhones accelerometer and GPS to gauge your acceleration, braking and cornering habits and based on the data collected give you a score or ranking.  Unlike Progressive who will offer you a discount based on the “Snapshot Module Data” – State Farm hopes that the data collected will provide you the important feedback to modify your driving habits and make you a safer driver and hence a lower risk to State Farm which does offer discounts for accident free driving and multiple vehicles.

The StateFarm Driver Feedback App is also great for monitoring your kids when letting them borrow the car.  Reviewing the data collected on the iPhone can provide you with their trip data including where they went, average speed, acceleration, braking and cornering statistics.

I’m glad I’m not a teenage driver today,  I know my parents would have liked to have this kind of information when I was a teenager driving their car.

Now the bad news for Canadian Drivers – At the present time the State Farm Driver Feedback App is currently only available on the USA iTunes App Store.

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