Black & Decker’s New RapidRoller™ Review

Just in time for the Spring and Summer home renovation season – Black & Decker just introduced their new hi-tech RapidRoller™.

If you’re like me sometimes when painting you wonder if you’re painting the tray or the wall?  Black & Decker’s RapidRoller eliminates the tray by allowing you to suck paint directly from the can into the handle of this hi-tech gadget.  Once loaded paint can be applied to the roller with just a squeeze of the handle.  The roller head pivots to reach into tight places and the RapidRoller has a built in stand to guard accidentally painting the hardwood floor or furniture when putting the unit down.

Black & Decker touts the RapidRoller as being more efficient than a conventional roller however we’re certainly skeptical of both paint time and moreover cleanup time.  Even if the RapidRoller is quicker and more efficient when it comes to painting – it definitely takes longer to clean up especially when you consider you will still have to use a small regular old fashion roller in combination with the Black & Decker RapidRoller since the length and size of the RapidRoller will be awkward, cumbersome  and down right difficult to use in tight spaces and for cutting around windows, door frames, baseboards. moldings and fixtures.

The RapidRoller sells for around $50 dollars and uses special 9” perforated rollers which cost about $10 bucks each.  Comparatively a standard roller handle, tray and two rollers kit can be purchased at most hardware stores for less than $20 bucks with additional rollers between $2-$6 dollars.

In use the RapidRoller paint feed trigger is very inconsistent and touchy and will take some serious practice time to get used to.  Over and under application of paint often occurs especially from novice RapidRoller users.  As mentioned the size, shape and bulk of the RapidRoller make it hard to maneuver it tight places like stairwells and cutting around moldings and fixtures.  The length of the RapidRoller is also a concern especially when the plunger handle is extended and the paint reservoir is full.

Overall the new Black & Decker RapidRoller looks cool and hi-tech but unfortunately we feel it’s one of those cool looking tools that you buy on impulse, use once or twice,  then realize the limitations and go back to the conventional old-school, low-tech way of doing things while that great new hi-tech gadget goes up for sale on eBay or at the next garage sale.

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