Commercial Audio/Video Services

DJ’s Sound City has more than 25 years experience designing and installing Commercial Audio and Video Systems for restaurants, sports bars, ultra-lounges, retailers, dentists, offices and industrial buildings.

Everyone nowadays has a 50” HDTV Flat Panel TV at home with surround sound and today’s customers are more discerning than ever about the audio and visual experience they encounter when going out to a restaurant, lounge or sports bar.  Even when shopping, buyers have become accustom to high quality sound and a rich multi-media environment.

With the advent of High Definition TV and surround,  gone are the days when a restaurateur or retailer could just slap a couple of TV’s on the wall and put a speaker in each corner of the room.  Good food and great service are no longer enough to keep today’s tech savy customer coming back.  High quality sound and HDTV video is not only the norm but the expectation in today’s world.

Our A/V systems are custom designed from the ground to provide your business with the latest cutting edge, entertainment, audio, video and digital signage technologies.  From the customer side our Audio/Visual designs are creative, inviting and entertaining while from an operational standpoint our systems are designed to be rock solid,  in a form factor that’s clean, intuitive, easy to use and robust enough to withstand the rigors of daily use.

At DJ’s Sound City we are systems integrators and understand the relationship between technology, entertainment and your business. Secondly we are business owners too and like yourself understand that any capital expenditure must make sense, must be within the budget and must attain a reasonable rate of return on your investment.  Spending money blindly on technology for technologies sake is not going to achieve the desired result  which is why every DJ’s Sound City audio and video installation is unique and tailored to meet your needs, objectives and budget.

If you would like to know more about how to improve your sales and customer experience through properly designed audio, video and digital signage systems or are planing a renovation or new construction project, give Doyle a call at 780-489-5522 or email today and book a Free consultation.

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