A Bike Tire that Won’t Go Flat!

When you think of Michelin tires you think of safe, smooth riding tires for your car, truck or SUV but not your bicycle.  The next question you might ask yourself is “What is a post about bicycle tires doing in a tech blog?”

Well Michelin’s developed a high tech, new bike tire inner tube which claims to increase the durability and puncture resistance of a bike tire by self-healing small punctures and holes.

The surface of the new Michelin Protek Max bike tire tubes look radically different than traditional tubes with little raised bumps that stop the tube from twisting as well as making the rubber compress rather than expand when a hole or puncture is formed.  A slimy sealant contained in the tube combines with the air pressure to close and seal the hole almost instantly preventing loss of air pressure.

BikeRadar and GizMag say the Michelin Protek Max tubes sell for around $9 US and come in two different sizes.  No more flat tires or air leaking tires on my bike! …. Pretty hi-tech and cool if you ask me.

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