Midnight Shot NV-1 Camera Sees in the Dark and More!

Ever wish you had a digital camera with Night Vision that could take pictures in complete darkness without a flash.  Well ThinkGeek has the answer for you with the  Midnight Shot NV-1 Night Vision Camera.

Night Vision Security Cameras have existed for years and now the Midnight Shot NV-1 Night Vision Camera incorporates this same technology into a handheld, point and shoot 5.0 megapixel camera.  The NV-1 shoots still shots and video and will work in complete darkness without a flash.

Sounds pretty cool – but wait there’s more.  Turns out seeing in the Dark is not the only feature of the Midnight Shot NV-1.  It appears that using the night vision mode during the daytime will allow you to see through some types of clothing, paper and other various thin materials.  Infrared light can penetrate some surfaces which light visible to the human eye bounces off,  since the NV-1 sees both visible and infrared light the camera can see through thin materials and capture images.  Professional security cameras have various filters to filter out UV light spectrum and accentuate this IR effect.  Various IR filters are also available from camera stores.

We’re not sure who the target market is for this camera.  As a novelty the Midnight Shot NV-1 is pretty cool and clearly Perverts and Paparazzi would have a lot of fun with this camera but it is important to note that taking see through photographs without proper consent is a clear violation of personal privacy and subject to criminal prosecution so care and caution and common sense is definitely required.

Tech Specs:
Infrared – Night Vision, Digital Point and Shoot Camera
1.25” CMOS, 5.0 Megapixel Sensor
Color photographs in Day Mode, Black and White in IR – Night Vision Mode
F =7.45mm lens
Image Size 1.3-5 megapixel selectable
Digital Zoom:  8X
Optical Zoom:  None
LCD Display:  3” LTPS LCD
Focus:  Fixed
Flash:  Electronic
Night Vision:  IR Illumination
Internal Memory:  16M
External Memory:  Standard SD cards up to 8GB
Photo Format:  Jpeg
Video Format:  AVI
Battery:  3.7V, 900mAh Li-ion
Dimensions/Weight:  97x59x18mm,  108.5g

Price:  $149.99 USD
Link:  http://www.thinkgeek.com/electronics/cameras-photography/e5b5/#

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2 Responses to Midnight Shot NV-1 Camera Sees in the Dark and More!

  1. anne summers says:

    are these cameras available now. How far distance will this take a clear picture of

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