Flush Mount Flat Screen TV Installations

One of the most common installation request we get at DJ’s Sound City is to mount a Flat Panel TV – FLUSH with the wall.  TV’s keep getting thinner and thinner especially with new LED backlighting however no matter how thin the manufacturer builds the TV, unless you recess the mounting bracket, electrical and wiring connections the Flat Panel TV will protrude from the wall three to seven inches.

There are some wall mount TV brackets that advertise mounting depths of 0.5 inches however due to the electrical plug and HDMI connectors these brackets often don’t work or the TV’s have to be offset and inch or two to allow the A/V and electrical connections.

Another problem with so called low profile wall mount brackets is that they often do not have any kind of locking mechanism on them due to their minimalist design.  Most of these low profile or zero clearance wall mount brackets rely on gravity and the weight of the TV to keep them hanging on the wall.  These gravity held TV brackets are unsafe especially in homes with small children or rambunctious teenagers who can accidentally or deliberately knock the TV off the bracket very easily.  Gravity held TV brackets also pose very little of a security deterrent allowing thieves to easily steal your shinny new Flat Screen TV off the wall in less than 10 seconds – literally!

Recessing a flat panel TV into the wall to provide a Flush mount not only looks better but provides added security and even makes the room look larger.

The first step to flush mounting a flat panel TV is to select a suitable wall.  Due to the depth of the TV most standard 2×4 and even 2×6 walls won’t be deep enough to allow a Flat Panel TV to be flush mounted.  Either a false wall or pony wall will be need to be built or a cabinet or integrated wall unit constructed.  Other areas suitable for recessed TV installations include walls with a utility room or storage room on the other side, closets or sometimes even behind or underneath the stairs.

Once a suitable location has been chosen the next step is to build a TV pocket to house the new Flat Panel TV complete with bracket.  The TV pocket will need to be built slightly larger than the TV to allow some air flow for cooling.  If the TV pocket is too tight or sealed then ventilation must be provided behind the TV and in some cases even a cooling fan may need to be installed to prevent the TV from overheating causing problems and premature component failure.


The TV pocket needs to be deep enough to house the Flat Panel TV and bracket.  Because the TV and bracket will be recessed and flush with the wall a standard wall mount TV bracket will not work and a articulating wall mount bracket will be required.  Articulating wall mount brackets come in several types, designs and even motorized units.  The design and quality of the bracket is of utmost importance when selecting an articulating TV mount.  Good quality mounts will hold the TV in place and provide very limited play while cheaper mounts will not be sturdy, have lots of play and drift and may not hold the TV level at all positions – this can be pretty frustrating when the TV is level in the extended position and not level in the closed position.  There are several ways to compensate for the inconsistencies with various TV mounts however the best tip is to either higher and experience professional installer or if you feel you can do it yourself then make sure you purchase a good quality mount,  you’ll thank yourself later.

Flat panel TV’s look great on the wall but if you want a truly fantastic look to your home there’s nothing like having a TV wall with recessed components and a flush mounted flat panel TV and speakers.

At DJ’s Sound City we’re experts at the design, fabrication and installation of Flush Mounted Flat Panel TVs, speakers and components.  Give us a call at 780-489-5522 or send us an email to info@djsoundcity.com we’d be happy to turn your dreams into reality.

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