Maps App Crashing – iPhone & iPad Repair Tip – Fix

The Maps App on my iPhone 4 recently quit working and would crash each time I touched the icon and the Application began to load then the screen would go blank and back to the default home screen.  This happened every  time I launched the App.

Normally the first thing to do to fix a crashing App is to remove it and reload it back onto your iPhone or iPad.  The Maps App is a default App and part of the IOS 5 operating system and can’t be deleted and reloaded so that option is out.

I tried doing a reboot of the iPhone with no success the Maps App continued to crash.  I then tried doing a ‘Restore’ via iTunes and then re-synced from my backup via iTunes and that also didn’t work.

The last thing to do was to ‘Wipe the iPhone, Restore and then Activate it as a New Phone’  – losing all my data and then having to re-sync and re-enter all my passwords, wi-fi and other preference data – Ouch!  I definitely didn’t want to do that.

Luckily – I found a solution to ‘Fix’ the Maps Crashing problem without Wiping and Setting up the iPhone as a new device.  This fix was huge and saved me a lot of headaches so I thought I’d share it with all my iPhone and iPad readers who may encounter the Maps App Crashing Problem.

How to Fix a iPhone or iPad Maps App Crashing Problem.

Using any computer go to Google Maps and search for an address then use the ‘Send’ button to email yourself the google maps link.  Make sure to use an email address which is accessible from your iPhone or iPad.  Once you receive the Google Maps email open it up on your iPhone or iPad,  the link will launch the maps application and open up the Maps App on the iPhone with no problem.

Next close out of the Maps App and then reopen it – Presto the App should now open up successfully and not crash!  I’m uncertain as to exactly what causes the Maps App to get stuck and crash continually upon opening,   I believe the Maps data gets corrupted somehow from a previous search and then just gets stuck there and crashes.  Sending the Google Maps link data from an external computer somehow overwrites and refreshes the data on the Maps app and then clears out the corrupted data which causes the Maps app to crash.  Once you do this the Maps App is restored and works great!

Good luck with this Tech Tip and let us know if it worked for you.

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21 Responses to Maps App Crashing – iPhone & iPad Repair Tip – Fix

  1. Alejandro says:

    Save my life. Excellent tip.

  2. Vicente says:

    It doesn´t work for mei

    • djsedm says:

      Sorry to hear it didn’t work for you – Try rebooting your phone and then run through the procedure again.

      Good Luck!

  3. marslara says:

    I also tried it and didn’t work, I already rebooted and tried again with no success. Before this I had already restored my iPhone too.

  4. Wine says:

    Awesome..I was getting so frustrated before but now it’s fixed.
    Ghani u so much 😉

  5. Anurag says:

    superb! ran into the same issue. was actually planning to restore the iPad when I stumbled on this page! Its a life-saver indeed!

  6. John says:

    Dude, you rock! Your solution works. I should have searched and tried your trick before tryin to painfully restore my iphne4(which, by the way, didn’t help resolve the problem). I tried powering off, hardware reset, in different combinations, powered off for a couple hrs, everything and nothing seemed to work, except your suggestion above. Awesome, dude !

  7. Hassan says:

    It worked !
    Thank you thank you thank you.
    I had to reboot my iphone 4 to make it work finally.

  8. Sohil says:

    Simply superb……it works

  9. Luc Duguay says:

    Looks like it’s working… Thank’s

  10. jim says:

    When I open the emailed link, it opens in Google Maps. I deleted the Google Maps app, and when I tried to open the link again, it goes to Safari and tries to open still in Google Maps. How do I make it open in the (Apple) Maps app, which at this point for me does not even open?

    • djsedm says:

      I would need more information and hands on with your device before I could begin to troubleshoot and answer your question. Which device iPhone 4, 5, 6? Which operating system iOS 4, 5, 6, 7, 8? Who is the sending source? What type of address link is embedded in the email?

      My best suggestion is to make an appointment at the Genius Bar of your local Apple store and bring your device and discuss this matter in person.

      Good Luck

      • Jim says:

        Hello: it’s 4S, running 8.1.2. No probs until update from 8.0.x two weeks ago. I followed the instructions as above: sent a link from Google Maps from a computer, opened it in my Gmail, and….it goes straight to the Google Maps app instead of trying to open the Apple Maps app. I deleted Google Maps app, and it still does not go to the only map app left, the troubled Apple Maps app, instead opening a Google Maps window in the Safari browser. Thanks!

  11. djsedm says:

    It’s working exactly how it is supposed to work. The link you are sending is a link to GOOGLE MAPS which means when you click on it …. it either wants to do one of two things
    If GOOGLE MAPS APP is not installed then it will launch and open up in your default web browser – In This Case – SAFARI

    APP in iOS do not share data among them and the Apple Maps APP cannot and will not open a GOOGLE MAPS LINK. The data in the link is specific to GOOGLE and hence contains code which looks for either the GOOGLE MAPS APP on your Phone or if I cannot find it then launches the map data in the Browser … the GOOGLE MAP LINK you are referring to does not contain code to open up in the APPLE MAPS APP.

    Google and Apple don’t really like sharing data with each other and don’t really play nice with one and other since they are competing companies – hence don’t expect Google Data from Googles Maps app on a computer to Open in Apple’s Maps app – Google wants you to use their own APP and does not want to share data, information or links with Apple and vice versa …. there is a reason why Apple developed their own MAPS app, because they didn’t want to share data with Google and vice versa.

    Jim – if you want a GOOGLE MAPS Link from a GOOGLE MAPS Search on a computer you will have to re-install the GOOGLE MAPS iOS App back onto your iPhone. With the Google Maps App on your iPhone you should be able to have a choice to open your GOOGLE MAPS Links in either the GOOGLE MAPS APP or Safari (or other browser if it is set to default). Google maps links will not open directly in Apple’s iOS App.

    Extra Tip: While Google and Apple don’t like to share data there is a way to share map data from the Apple Maps app and get the search data from the Apple Maps app to open up in Google Maps or other Map Apps on an iPhone using iOS 8. Previous to iOS 8 if you wanted to search for map data from Apple Maps to Google Maps app you had to cut and paste the address which was a pain, In iOS 8 Apple has included an APP launcher which will enable you to select another app directly from the Apple Maps app to open and share your Apple Maps address with.

    Personally in Canada I find Google Maps to be superior to Apple Maps. I’m curious where you live and why you have a preference to Apple Maps over Google Maps.

    If you wish to share your feedback on why you prefer Apple Maps to Google Maps please do so, I’m certain our readers would enjoy reading your comments.

    Best Wishes!

    • Jim says:

      I see where the confusion is now….I actually do not want to use Apple Maps, but I have no choice. I think your solution for “Maps app crashing” no longer applies in my situation, as the native Apple Maps app is no longer based on Google Maps since 2012, when Apple launched its own version.

      Your solution worked as intended…. But I’m having issues with Apple Maps app, not the Google Maps app. Back in the days of your solution, they were one & the same.

  12. djsedm says:

    Hi Jim, you wrote “I actually do not want to use Apple Maps, but I have no choice.” Why don’t you have a choice? Although Apple Maps is built into iOS8, Google Maps is still available in the Apple App Store. If you wish to use Google Maps all you have to do is download it from the App store and it will work fine on your iPhone … that’s what I use.

    If you try to open a google maps link on an iPhone and do not have Google Maps installed it will launch Safari and go to a Google Maps page, before the Google Maps page loads in Safari you will get a pop up which will ask you if you want to download the Google Maps app for iOS and open the link in the Google Maps app. I don’t understand what you mean when you say “I actually don’t want to use Apple Maps, but I have no choice”? Where do you live? Is the Google Maps App not available in Apple App Store for your area?

    • jim says:

      I have Google Maps. I do use that app when I need directions. That’s not my problem.

      The problem I’m having is not with Google Maps app. It’s Apple Maps, and all the other apps that are forced by Apple to use Apple Maps for location display.

      “I have no choice” refers to the fact that since Apple came out with their own Maps app, most of not all the apps that use a map function (Facebook, Yelp, OneBusAway….) are forced to utilize Apple Maps. I cannot change the default maps app to Google Maps.

      So, when the Apple Maps app does not work, all those apps relying on it crash as well.

      When I first searched for “maps app crash iphone” or something like that and found your tip, I did not read carefully enough to realize your tip was from 2011-12, and refers to the Apple Maps app when it was still powered by Google.

      Since then, as you know, Apple has split from Google and created their own app, and thus now my problem is not relevant to your tip anymore, because a link created from Google Maps on a desktop would not open the Apple Maps app in my phone anymore, and if it is the Apple Maps app I’m having trouble with, then your tip unfortunately does not “reset” Apple Maps.

      I’ve actually found a solution just this afternoon, in the Apple Support threads: reset all settings (not content), then if that does not help the Apple Maps app to work properly, go to display/text size and change that around a few times. Now my Apple Maps work again, and all those Facebook and Yelp and bus apps also work again. It seems like the variable-sizing in map displays may have been tripping up the Apple Maps app since the 8.1.x update. Again, this is all independent of the Google Maps app.

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