NHL Signs $1.9 Billion Dollar Broadcast Deal with NBC and Versus

National Hockey League and NBC Sports and Versus signed a 10 year $1.9 Billion dollar deal which will pay the NHL $200 million dollar per season for exclusive rights to NHL Hockey television broadcasts.  The new deal is up $120 million per year over the previous deal which was only $80 million dollars per season.

So why the 120 million dollar increase?  The answer is simple.  With new technologies such as PVR’s (personal video recorders), DVR’s, (digital video recorders), TiVo, YouTube, NetFlix and Streaming Media available even from the broadcast networks Live Sporting Events and Games are among the highest revenue earners for advertisers and broadcasters alike.

Many people PVR (record) weekly television series and programs, movies and shows but Live Sporting Events and Live Reality TV competition type shows are usually watched live and so are the commercials.  Television commercials have a greater penetration rate and are not likely to be skipped when shown during Live Sporting Events.  NBC and Versus know this and that’s one of the key reasons why the NHL got such a large increase in the broadcasting rights for NHL Games.

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