World’s Largest Flat Panel TV

When I’m out on installations I often get asked what’s the largest flat panel TV available.

Well at 152 inches Panasonic makes the largest Plasma Flat Panel TV in the world.  With a massive size bigger than nine 50” TV’s, full high-speed 3D display technology, a pixel resolution of 4K x 2K (4,096 x 2,160) the Panasonic 152” plasma has a resolution quadruple that of 1080P HDTV.  Weighing in at 1,700 pounds without the stand this TV comes crated in a special transport container with specific handling instructions.  In addition to it’s enormous size and weight the Panasonic 152” Plasma is a power hog requiring two dedicated 15 amp circuits drawing 3,000 watts of power on average and up to 7,000 watts peak power with an average power cost to operate at around $2 per hour!  If this TV was running for 10 hours a day at a Sports bar for example it would consume $7280 dollars in power for one year – And you thought your vehicle was a gas hog!

OK so now that we know you want one! how much does it cost?  We’ll let’s compare the prices of a few things first,  A 50” Plasma TV costs about $800,  a 70” LCD TV runs about $4,000, a 9×9,  9 Screen Video wall using 47” LCD TV’s complete with computer processor runs about $60,000,  an 85” Flat Panel TV costs about $85,000, a 103” Plasma TV will set you back about $100,000, a new Ferrari 458 Italia will cost you about $250,000 and a 152” Panasonic Plasma TV will cost you between $300-$500,000 dollars depending on delivery and installation options.

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