Home Security Camera Catches Thief in Action

A common application for a home security camera is to remotely monitor your pet or pets when you’re away from home.   A Denver woman got a surprise of her life when she logged onto her home IP camera to view her dog only to see a Thief  rummaging through her things!

“It’s creepy,” said Claire,  “I’ve never had a house broken in to. He went through my drawers, my jewelry. He even touched my clothes and pillow”.

The thief ended up getting away with over $500 dollars of stuff mostly small items like cameras and an iPod but things could have been a lot worse, the thief could have stolen Claire’s personal computer and used the information on it for identity theft or worse the thief could have stayed in the home and assaulted the home owner when she came home.  The video and pictures from the security camera and iPhone App were posted on the Television news to help assist police and crime stoppers in apprehending the criminal.

The thief spent more than 12 minutes rummaging through the home.  While Claire did have video surveillance in her home which she could monitor remotely on her iPhone  she did not have a monitored alarm system.  If she had a monitored alarm in addition to the security camera odds are the thief would have been scared away at the door when the alarm went off and never broke in to begin with or at least spent less than a minute or two going through the house knowing the police are on the way.

Security cameras are a great deterrent and provide a extra level of security to a home but are no replacement for a monitored alarm system.  The ability to monitor your home remotely over the internet or on an iPhone or iPad is great.  The ability to Video Verify an alarm event is very beneficial too and can lead to a quicker response by authorities.  A monitored alarm should always be a home owners first line of defense followed by security cameras to add a heightened level of security and Video Verification.

Security cameras should never be a home owners first or only line of defense!

At Ion Security we are experts in designing and installing effective home security alarm and camera systems.  Every Ion Security home security solution starts with a monitored alarm system with the option for a camera,  Video Verification and remote video monitoring.  If you would like more information about home alarm or camera systems call Ion Security today at 780-489-5522 or email info@ionsecuritysystems.com.

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