JVC’s New KaBoom – Audio Boombox features Guitar Input and more

JVC takes the concept of the Boombox to a whole new level with the JVC Kaboom! Audio Boombox.

Like many Boomboxes the JVC Kaboom plays CD’s, has an FM Tuner and iPod/iPhone dock but what sets it apart is a monstrous 40Watts of power, a self sealing door to protect your iPod from the elements and hold it securely, an external USB port to power and playback a host of MP3 players and as Steve Jobs would say “oh yeah …. and one more thing”  a guitar and microphone inout complete with mixing capabilities.

Sure this thing is BIG! but really it’s a portable, mobile, band setup all in one powered by AC or DC power.  This is the perfect companion for camping, singsongs around the campfire at the lake, bush parties, BBQ’s, tailgate parties, baseball, football, soccer events – just plug in a microphone and it’s a portable PA system, plug in an MP3 player and it’s a portable music system, plug in a mixer or guitar and it’s a sound system.

Well done JVC!  At $299.95 the JVC KaBoom’s not cheap or small but it is loud, great sounding and oh so versatile!

Cons:  Only one – No AM Tuner – FM Only 😦

Check out the video below …

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2 Responses to JVC’s New KaBoom – Audio Boombox features Guitar Input and more

  1. Nicholas Abley says:

    i would love to buy a RV-NB70 kaboom from you guys i live in BC and would like to purchase a kaboom here in canada

    • djsedm says:

      Nick – we don’t sell the Kaboom out of province however if you leave in a location which has a Visions Electronics store – try there, they can special order one in for you.

      Thanks for reading Techtipsandtoys

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