Shaw’s New Gateway Now Available in Edmonton

Shaw’s answer to Telus Optik TV is now available to Shaw Customers in Edmonton Alberta.

The Shaw Gateway is whole house, multi-room DVR platform based on the Arris Moxi Box platform.  The Shaw Gateway officially launched in Calgary last month and will be rolled out to additional markets and areas in the months to come.  Shaw President Peter Bissonnette commented “We’re excited to launch the product to our Edmonton customers and provide them with the ultimate in entertainment with the Shaw Gateway.”

For those of you unfamilar with the Shaw Gateway a full review can be found on a previous blog post:  shaw-introduces-a-new-high-end-cable-box-to-compete-with-telus

The Shaw Gateway is a six tuner HDTV PVR with 500 GB of built in storage which offers advanced features such as PVR anywhere allowing you to pause live or recorded TV in one room and watch it in another.  Additional features such as internet browsing, online and handheld device remote control and many more bells and whistles are available now or will be available in the future.

While customer demand for the Shaw Gateway is high, customer reaction to the product once installed has been mixed and the roll out has been plagued with the usual share of challenges to be expected with any new product launch.

We at techtipsandtoys have high hopes for the Shaw Gateway and plan to have a hands on review later this summer.

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1 Response to Shaw’s New Gateway Now Available in Edmonton

  1. Fred Borg says:

    Does anyone know when the Victora launch is?

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