New Art Form – Flat Panel TVs

We all have seen digital photo frames sitting on the kitchen counter tops and bedroom dressers.  These LCD photo frames are usually 5-10 inches.  We’ve all seen various forms of digital signage in stores, shopping malls, food courts, airports, hotels, conventions, even at church.  Digital signage monitors are most often used to sell us something however a new art form has emerged, combining digital signage technology with digital photo frame to create Large Format Digital Photo Frames.

Normally a photograph is a static image, mounted in a frame and hung on the wall for a period of time – usually years.  The same picture or art is seen every day over and over again, year after year till eventually we get bored of it and decide to change the picture.  Large format digital photo frames and digital signage monitors and players or even Mac Mini computers allow you to use your flat panel TV as a digital photo frame when you’re not watching TV and best of all you can change the pictures at any time or play a slide show of your favorite photos or works of art.  No more static pictures staying the same for years and years.

Today’s new flat panel TV’s are getting thinner and thinner and the bezels are getting smaller and smaller.  There are even some consumer TV’s out now that have Zero Bezel or No Bezel or Bezel Free.  These flat panel TV’s have inputs for cable, TV, computers, USB sticks, SD media card readers and network and internet connectivity.

Special HDTV cable channels have emerged like Frame and Oasis catering to the Flat Panel Photo Frame or Digital Signage applications.  Other components such as Apple TV, Mac Mini and iPads are ideal for playing slide shows and static picture displays on Large Format digital signage photo frames.

Another growing industry is the Flat Panel Framing business.  Several companies have begun manufacturing various Museum quality frames and framing kits which will convert your flat panel TV into a Wall Framed work of art similar to hanging a static picture frame.

Currently we are at the infancy of this Art Form and market segment but at flat panel TVs keep getting thinner and cheaper and connectivity options continue to grow there will come a time when every home and office will have at least one or more digital signage Large Format Photo Frames.

DJ’s Sound City is a leader in the digital signage marketplace and has developed several stylish and innovative Photo Frame solutions for both commercial and residential applications.  If you would like more information on this new High Tech Art Form give Doyle a call at 780-489-5522 or email
Check out the Video:

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1 Response to New Art Form – Flat Panel TVs

  1. John says:

    This is a fantastic idea. Depending on pricing I could love 2 or 3 of these together to display an aquarium or under sea display on my wall. Beautiful!

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