6 Unique – One of a Kind Speaker Systems


The Soundshelf literally brings new meaning to the term Book Shelf Speaker System since the ‘Soundshelf’  truly is a book shelf that’s also a stereo speaker system.  The unique and innovative audio concept was developed by Polish designers Witek Stefaniak and Anielka Zdanowicz.  Great idea you say, Where can I buy them?  Sadly the Soundshelf only a concept for now.

Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus

The Bowers and Wilkins Nautilus speaker system is the pinnacle of artistic design and audio engineering.  These sleek and stylish speakers are not only sexy to look at but pump out unbelievable sound quality as well. Of course at $60,000 a pair would you expect anything less?

Body Speakers

Speaking of sexy, Bob Turek takes speaker design and sexy to a whole new level with his ‘Body Speakers’.  These amplified speakers come complete with a front mounted 3.5mm audio input jack to allow you to plug in your iPhone or favorite MP3 Player.  Of course for those who feel the ‘Body Speakers’ are too suggestive you can always dress them up in some sexy lingerie.

JBL Control Now

JBL’s Control Now speakers offer a myriad of installation combinations.  These uniquely shaped speakers can be wall mounted, ceiling mounted, corner mounted or just rest on a book shelf.  A special ceiling mount enables four JBL Control Nows to be linked together in a circle to make a ceiling hanging donut configuration.  Donut speakers your say …  that’s something every Tim Hortons should have!

Artcoustic Speakers
Artcoustic Speakers are the ultimate hidden speaker and come in a variety of sizes and configurations.  These speakers are wall mounted and then cleverly disguised as artwork with a gallery of contemporary and classic coverings available to match any decor.  The artwork speaker covers are beautiful to look at and transparent to sound.  Artcoustic Speakers are great for custom renos or retrofits too.  Since the speakers hang on the wall like a picture, installation just requires running wire to each speaker and cutting large holes in the drywall or disturbing the vapor barrier is avoided.  So what’s a pair of hidden Artcoustic Speakers going to set you back.  Well Artcoustic Speakers start at about $2400 a pair and go up from there.

Klipsch LightSpeaker

Speaking of hidden speakers and easy reno or retrofit installations the Klipsch LightSpeaker In Ceiling Lighting and Audio System combines a 3.5” full range speaker system with an energy efficient LED light fixture.  Included with the system is a wireless, two zone audio transmitter and remote control.  The LightSpeaker is designed for 5 or 6 inch recessed light fixtures and is almost as easy to install as screwing in a light bulb.  The system is completely wireless and provides a Totally hidden speaker solution for homes, offices and small retailers and hair salons.  Up to eight (8) LightSpeakers can be connected to one zone controller and the 2.4GHz wireless technology should work reliably in most locations up to 2000 sq ft or less.  Klipsch also makes LightSpeaker Lamp Kit which will turn any end table lamp into a LightSpeaker and an outdoor AudioRock wireless Speaker which also works on the same 2.4GHz zone controller.  The 3.5” Lightspeaker sound quality is surprisingly good considering it’s size however if more base is desired an external powered subwoofer can also be installed to give the LightSpeakers more bottom end.

If you are interested in any of these speakers or are looking for an attractive design solution for your home or office audio, sound or video system, contact Doyle at DJ’s Sound City for unique and innovative audio and video design solutions.  Email info@djsoundcity.com or call 780-489-5522.

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