Wowee One Portable Speaker Review

The Wowee One Audio Speaker is a small, compact, pocket sized rechargeable speaker with acts as a transducer and turns any flat, smooth surface into a loud speaker.  Different surfaces create different sounds – wood surfaces produce a warm tonal sound while hard glass surfaces sharp and edgy sound.  The best sound is achieved on surfaces which are hollow, concave or have air on both sides, glass or wood tables, windows and mirrors, and plastic bins or containers work great.  Thick, hard, solid surfaces such as concrete, rock, marble or solid thick wood don’t work so well with the Wowee because they don’t vibrate or transduce much.

The Wowee One is just slightly larger than an iPhone and comes equipped with a built in 20 hour rechargeable battery pack.  Charging is supplied by USB mini jack while audio input is via 3.5mm headphone jack.

The Wowee One is simple and easy to use – just plug in the supplied audio cord to your iPod, iPhone, iPad , Laptop or MP3 player and the Wowee One instantly powers up and is good to go.  Volume is adjusted via your device.

While gadgets that turn surfaces into speakers are nothing new the Wowee One is surprisingly durable and has pretty good sound for a device of it’s type.

I found the speaker on my iPad 2 to be fairly quiet and lack luster however when I plugged it into the Wowee One, I have 5 times the volume and way more mid, treble and bass.  Overall the Wowee One is a great, little, compact travel speaker capable of producing good sound from various surfaces.

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