FridgePad – iPad 1 and 2 Magnetic Holder

By now many of you have seen the pictures of an iPad 2 stuck to the front door of a fridge using Apple’s own magnetic SmartCover.  What you didn’t see is the iPad 2 falling to the floor when someone opens and closes the fridge door.  Apple’s magnetic Smart Cover was never designed with strong enough magnets to support the weight of the iPad 2 to be used as a Fridge Mount.

While Apple’s smart cover fails miserably as a Fridge Pad holder the folks over at Woodford Design have engineered an iPad Magnetic Fridge Mount that is remarkably strong and holds your iPad 1 or 2 safely and securely on your fridge door.

The Woodford Design FridgePad to your Fridge door or other metal surface such as a tool box without any tools.  The FridgePad works with both iPad 1 and iPad 2 and it’s unique replaceable corner clips enables the mount to be future proofed for design changes in future iPads as long as the overall side or shape doesn’t change.  The replaceable clips can be adjusted for various thicknesses of iPads so if the next generation iPad is thinner or smaller then new clips can be installed to hold the next gen iPad instead of purchasing a whole new mount.

The FridgePad can be mounted in Portrait or Landscape mode and allows full access to all buttons on the iPad.

FridgePad comes in 5 colors, Silver, Off White, Red, Black and Frost White.

According to Woodford Design – FridgePad has a magnet strength 25 times stronger than is needed to hold the weight of the iPad and mount so you can be rest assured that your iPad will not fall to the floor no matter how hard you slam the fridge door.

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