Netflix Canada Hits One Million Subscribers

Netflix Canada hit One Million subscribers on August 4th, 2011 only 10 months after it’s launch back in September 2010.  The One Millionth Canadian Subscriber named Amanda hails from Manitoba and receives a lifetime subscription to Netflix.

On the surface one million subscribers in Canada in less than a year may seem like a big accomplishment, and it is, but Netflix Canada still has a way to go if they are to reach the same market penetration as they have achieved south of the border in the USA.

Netflix has 25 million subscribers in North American, 24 million are in the USA or about 8% percent of the population while 1 million subscribers are in Canada which equates to less than 3% percent of the population.  Bandwidth caps and tiered internet pricing hvae definitely impacted Netflix’s sales growth in Canada.  Concerns over a  price increase in Canada similar to the recent announcement in the USA and the ongoing battle with the CRTC have added confusion and concern to Netflix in Canada subscribers and potential future customers.  Currently Netflix is the only streaming video service available in Canada while several competing services are available south of the border.  In order for Netflix to achieve the same market penetration in Canada as they currently enjoy in the USA, Netflix Canada needs to reach 2.5 Million subscribers and that’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

All in All congratulations are still in order for Netflix in Canada, one million subscribers in Canada in less than one year is still a great achievement … way to go Netflix Canada!

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