WaterSki Machine – Unmanned Waterskiing Boat – Really?

Ever wanted to go water skiing but didn’t have anybody to drive the boat or spot, well leave it to technology to solve your problems.  The ski machine is an unmanned water skiing boat that’s controlled by the skier via a six button control panel on the tow rope.  The control panel lets the skier start, accelerate, decelerate, turn or stop by simple thumb movements.

The unmanned boat is almost 8 feet long and has a three cylinder, two stroke 70 horsepower engine with jet pump and axial flow propulsion.  The boat is capable of speeds up to 40 MPH and generates a wake for water skiing or wakeboarding.

Promotional material shows an adult wakeboarding behind the vessel however as a owner of a 155hp Seadoo jet boat and a 215hp Seadoo Sportster boat I seriously doubt if a 70hp jet boat, even unmanned and light weight would have enough power to pull and adult skier out of the water on a deep water start.

I couldn’t find any detailed information on this watercraft which is just a concept for now and I doubt that it will ever become a production model since international water laws require a manned watercraft with a second person on board the vessel to be a spotter when pulling a skier or wakeboarder.

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