BodyGard 5 in 1 Emergency Tool Review

The BodyGard 5 in 1 Emergency tool is a small     (1 3/4″ wide x 3″ long x 5/8″ high) which combines a glass-breaking hammer, seatbelt cutter, personal alarm, flashlight and blinking red emergency light all in one compact unit complete with Key Ring.

Most emergency tools of this type are Large Hammer Style tools which usually are stored in the glove box or under the seat, while the BodyGard 5-1 tool is small enough to fit in a purse or handbag.

At a glance this tool seems incredibly useful until you actually get one and find out is very poorly built and rather useless.

At $20 bucks the Bodygard isn’t expensive if it worked.  Both the red and white LED lights are bright at first but after a very short period of time dim to useless brightness and are battery killers.  The sonic alarm is too quiet to be effective and is really an annoyance more than anything, easily defeated by placing your thumb over the siren hole and turning the unit off.  The seat belt cutter works however the key ring safety clip fits loosely into the cutter guard and dislodges easily separating the keyring from the tool.

We didn’t test the automatic glass breaker so we can’t say how effective it would be but all in all we CAN’T Recommend buying this emergency tool at any price.

Look for the  Bodygard 5-1 Emergency Tool to be Sold online on eBay and discount surplus liquidator outlets such as Liquidation World and Princess Auto later this fall for about $5 bucks – just in time for Christmas.

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