Garmin Astro 320 Dog Tracking Handheld GPS

Just in time for hunting season – Garmin introduces a new Handheld GPS with Dog Tracking capabilities.

If you’re a hunter or just want a high tech device to keep track of your dog while he runs around the neighborhood the brand new Garmin Astro 320 dog tracking collar may be just the ticket.

Thanks to a redesigned antenna the new Astro 320 tracking collar has nearly 30 percent range over previous models and can track your dog for up to nine miles on flat terrain.  If you’ve got more than one dog the Astro 320 can track up to 10 collars at once and is fully compatible with Garmin’s DC20, 30 and DC 40 dog tracking collars and accessories.

Like all Garmin handheld GPS units the Astro 320 comes installed with a base map but optional Topo or BirdsEye Satellite maps can be purchased and downloaded to the unit.

The Astro 320 is rugged and waterproof, features a 2.6” color display and is equipped with a micro SD card slot, 1.7GB of on-board memory.  Two AA batteries provide up to 20 hours of operation time and the handheld unit includes a GPS, 3 axis electric compass, barometer and the ability to indicate a dog’s distance and the direction the dog is moving.

The Garmin Astro 320 handheld unit is priced at $499 and the complete system which includes one DC 40 tracking collar is $649.

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